Monday, November 15, 2010

this weekend I spent saturday hanging out with tut-tut's daughter who goes to school in oberlin. we didn't stick around the school very long, however, I was there long enough to tour her brand new dorm and learn about an exciting initiative currently going on at some college campuses.

the initiative is the campus conservation nationals (ccn). if you haven't heard of the ccn, don't feel bad, this year is the first time for this conservation competition. forty schools across the u.s. are currently competing to see what campus can achieve the greatest electricity and water use reductions during a 3-week period. on specific campuses there are also college specific competitions as to what dorm or hall be the most energy efficient.

what a great idea. now if the newly developed conservation habits of this 3 week competition period stick and spread!!

I was quite tickled to see that the spokesbeing for the oberlin conservation effort is none other than a rodent - obie, the energy squirrel to be exact!

what a coincidence that yesterday the mouse focused on the black squirrels; I didn't really plan to follow that up with another squirrelly post. things happen. when I started thinking about "what can I put up? today" after reading tut-tut's recent post where she wondered what her l and I were up to on saturday, visiting with l came to mind. isn't the bloggyhood wonderful!!

to answer tut's question, I say only good things! no bars and no pool halls!!! after leaving oberlin we headed into cleveland. the day was absolutely gorgeous. we first attempted to lunch at a little french inspired bistro but abandoned idea because everyone else seemed to have the same good idea.

no worries, if there is anything that cleveland has in abundance it is good places to eat. we simply walked down the street and ate another lovely cafe. after lunch we headed to the cleveland museum of art and after the museum closed wrapped up our day in cleveland by watching night night descend on the shores of lake erie.

oh, back to the obie the squirrel - long time readers of the mouse may remember reading about the oberlin white squirrels last year on the mouse. now I'm wondering if oberlin has a white squirrel festival like kent has a black squirrel festival?


California Girl said...

That's a great initiative. I'm going to pass this on to UNH and Clean Air Cool Planet. Good stuff.

e said...

I love that unis are doing this, and it sounds like you had a great afternoon.

tut-tut said...

a great time was had by L! isn't that dorm something? the upperclasspersons are v. jealous the 1st years got to live in it.

37paddington said...

mouse, my young person wants to apply to Oberlin. What did you think of the school?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

ca - looks like of new hampshire is signed up; but if you met university of new haven they aren't! it's very neat, i'm curious as to how the colleges do.

tut - too bad the students in the dorm this year can't stay - l said it's only a freshman dorm

angella - it's a wonderful school! maybe we can connect your young person with l for an insider's take....let me know