Saturday, November 27, 2010

sepia saturday: gap tooth girl

in honor of the mouse's 1,000 post, sepia saturday features a few snaps of yours truly.

since today is also the 75th birthday of documentary filmmaker les blank the photos are chosen in recognition of his film gap toothed women. I ran across this film in the late 1980s when I was still a little embarrassed about my gap. les' quirky film helped dispel any lingering self-consciousness I had regarding my gap and helped me become a proud member of the tribe of gap toothed women.

although still sporting baby teeth at two, my gap is visible, here I'm holding my beloved raggedy ann in front of our house in san diego (1957).

in 1967 my aunt rose made matching outfits for my sister and me and aunt rose's daughters. a bit reminiscent of the scene from the sound of music when maria makes outfits for the von trapp kids out of her bedroom drapes. auntie didn't use drapes but she did use the remaindered end of the bolt of fabric. during the 1960s and 1970s we had a relative who worked at a fabric mill who was most generous in bringing home fabric that was getting tossed. one of my family's mottos was waste not want not.

at 12 I was very self conscious of my gap and rarely showed my teeth when being photographed; this often made me look quite dour. however, in this picture I'm probably looking dour because I was out in public (at the national zoo to be specific) dressed identically to my four year old sister and my eight year old and twelve year old cousins. although one could say that with the exception of the my cousin lisa, no one looks particularly happy - or maybe we were just facing the sun!

the photo above was taken in 1979, a beaming gap shines on f and our new bundle of joy! by the way, em did not inherent the gap.

a trailer for gap toothed women (1987). if you like the gap, you'll love les' film on garlic (1980), in 2004 the library of congress included garlic is as good as ten mothers to the national film registry.

to visit other time travelers, visit the sepia saturday blog.


Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

Happy 1000! I got a kick out of the Wobblies tee-shirt. Haven't seen one of those in a while.

karen said...

You're such a cute kid! My late husband was gap toothed...he would never smile showing his teeth...he had them removed and a bridge put in place. I rather miss that gap.
Would love to know how to find this video...checked Netflix, but they don't have it.
Happy 1000th! I'm glad you're here. You brighten my days.
Hope you had an okay Thanksgiving...and that your dad was with you in spirit.
Hang tight Kim.

Watson said...

The home made dresses are indeed a reminder of the Von Trapp children when Maria changed their wardrobe! Nuf said! :-)

I never noticed your gap before. A sparkling personality outshines all such differences. And who says teeth have to be in a military parade row?

You should SEE the gap(s) on the left side of my muzzle!

Tattered and Lost said...

Lauren Hutton made it all so very sexy and appealing.

Yes, those outfits have a wonderful Von Trapp look to them. Easy to find you all in a crowd. Did anyone say "Excuse, but are you all related?"

The first shot is wonderful.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks lorenzo! i wish we still had our iww t-shirt. wobblies forever!!

karen - thank you your kind words brightened my day - and given ol man winter banging on the door the day could use some brightening - i saw the gap tooth doc on pbs way back when (late 80s) - they reran it and even taped it - but over the years having replaced our vcr with a dvd player i got rid of all my tapes (dumb, dumb,dumb). les' website has dvd's for sale for all (or most) of his films including gap. maybe you can talk your local library into starting a les blank collection! cleveland public library has several films by les in their collection - unfortunately not gap toothed women, but they do have garlic is as good as ten mothers!! as a gap toothed garlic lover, i like that doc just as much!!

daisy - now i say gaps are GREAT!

t&t - odds are good that someone did ask, as if the answer wasn't obvious!

North County Film Club said...

My sister's brother in law had a gap and she remembers him liking that movie.
My sister, Nancy, has a blog called cimilar cinema (
where she recommends two movies a month that are somehow similar. And then invites discussion.
This would be a good one if she can think of another about teeth (or gaps).

tut-tut said...

How beaming you are w/tiny Emma being cradled by F! I never noticed your gap; being buck toothed is a whole 'nother issue, btw!

Gary said...

1,000 posts! Congratulations.

I love the Von Trapp outfits too. My mom told me that when she was little her grandmother would make outfits out of the designer bags the flour came in. Isn't that brilliant? Back in the day people were so thrifty and conscious of getting the most out of simple resources. Using the end of a bolt of fabric fits. And I must say, I love your smile as you beam at your bundle of joy.

37paddington said...

kimy, i'm so fascinated by how unchanged you are from the time you were a baby. i see you so clearly in these pictures, beautiful then, beautiful now, with that kind, open strength in your face.

I love love love that picture of you with your baby sister. Is that your dad? Such a wonderful image of familial love.

Unknown said...

Big milestone at 1,000. The gap gives your distinction and character, I'm sure you have heard that before. Today it would be to the orthodontistfor braces for absolutely unnaturally straight teeth. The duplicate dresses of all you girls made me laugh, remembering I had sewn doubles for my nieces in the 70's. But I never had donated fabric from end of bolts, that certainly was valued! What colors they must have been too!

Jinksy said...

I love the fabric of those matching dresses - what I wouldn't give for a few yards of it to play with now!

Nancy said...

Congratulations on 1000! That's HUGE! The photos you posted are beautiful. I especially like you at 2 with your doll. Adorable.