Thursday, November 4, 2010

mice eat cheese

The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be.
Marcel Pagnol (1895-1974) writer, producer & film director

a couple weeks ago I ran into the fellow with the fun shirt at bwi, as a cheese and mouse lover I asked if I could take his portrait. he agreed! the story with the shirt is although this man said he was fond of mice and cheese the reason he wears the shirt is because it a makes his grandchildren happy. aw, that makes me smile.

there are things that make us happy and there are things that make us unhappy. I definitely am not happy over the results of tuesday's election. isn't it funny, but not in a happy ha-ha way, how the electorate's collective memory is so warped that they forgot who and what got us to where we are today. (the image on the right came via fb and I just had to share it!)

I'm not going to give a comprehensive critique of the mess in the u.s., but I would like to mention a couple issues near and dear to me - peace and health care. a pack of lies got us into the quagmire of the iraq war and mr. bush's folly cost the american people a lot more than just robbing the country's coffers and possibly bankrupting future generations. think of all the death and destruction. for what? we were told iraq was behind 9-11 and had weapons of mass destruction. they weren't and they didn't. invading iraq wasn't for 'freedom' it was for the hope of cheap oil. well, that certainly didn't work out, did it? although officially the iraq war is over, u.s. involvement is far from over, and the united states is still paying plenty - and for what end?

access to health care is viewed as a basic right in most countries of the the world; here in america, health care boils down to being a privilege. at the end of mr. bush's term there were over 47 million americans without health care. mr. obama wasn't the first president who wanted to make sure everyone in america has access to health insurance - the campaign to expand health care for all americans goes back quite a way. for instance, fdr asked congress to pass an 'economic bill of rights' for all americans and singled out access to adequate health care as fundamental to this bill of rights, after him there was harry truman who advocated a single system that would cover all americans. geez, even richard nixon had a plan to expand health care!

all I can say is america beware of lies! now mr. boehner, who will be replacing nancy pelosi as speaker of the house, believes that one of the reasons the democrats lost this year is because the american people do not want health reform. he states that the reform package would "kill jobs in America, ruin the best health care system in the world, and bankrupt our country."

hmmm....interesting take mr. boehner. I hate to burst mr. boehner's bubble but according to independent and non-partisan sources the u.s. health care system ranks around #37 in the world. the only place we rate a #1 spot when it comes to our health care system is on spending - we are great at that!! in terms of our health the u.s. comes in at #39 for infant mortality; #36 for life expectancy; #43 for adult female mortality; and #42 for adult male mortality. (want more go here ).

okay, I really wasn't planning a rant; sometimes things can get me going - small things like injustice and lies.

okay, it is time now to return to thinking about happy things like cheese, mice, grandfathers who like to make their grandkids smile and the tunes of modest mouse.

mice eat cheese (2001) by modest mouse


37paddington said...


Also, may I borrow your Bush art?

And that grandfather is plenty cute!


Kate Hanley said...

Hope you don't mind if I steal the Bush artwork, it's too great not to share. It's wonderful reading blogs these past few days and realize that I'm not alone in wondering about our country's short term memory. Keep ranting!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

angella and kate given that i borrowed the bush art (without asking permission since i don't know who created the piece) i have no issues with any use! borrow, steal, appropriate, share, post, etc.

there's truth in that there artwork!!

angella, i too think that grandpa is cute - he has the sweetest smile

kate, you are far far from alone! thanks for the encouragement, I'm always conflicted about going off on a rant....if you know what i mean.

why do people buy into such deception that is pulled out and touted as 'the god's truth' by conservatives and the right???


Lo said...

Amen to everything you have ranted about. I am trying to be brave ab out the political insanity but am not doing very well at it.

Wonderful Grandpa though.

karen said...

Well said Kim. I feel the same...and I'm scared as to where things are heading. The Bush artwork is a masterpiece! I think we should all keep it on our sidebars. I live in an area that is surrounded by those that voted for repubs back in. I am an outcast in my neighborhood. Do I

Life is good...except for sometimes. said...

Agreed, and well said Kim! oxoxP

Anonymous said...

go girl! I am so mad this week I have been telling people I think democracy sucks -- why is there not an intelligence test to vote, at least be able to answer simple questions like "how many people are without health insurance in this country?" (I would give them credit within 10 million.) Ali

Watson said...

As a next-door neighbour, I feel your pain. The same forces that don't want universal health care there, are trying to destroy it here. (In the words of "Deep Throat", follow the money).

Our Provincial Premier resigned last week. The editor of my local newspaper wrote that "he was a nice guy who was good for the Province". He is a thief and a liar. So I wrote a "letter to the editor" just reminding people of the facts and proven corruption. Letters are a good way to help set the record straight. So keep writing, without apology. Put the facts and the sources for them "out there" in blog, FB, actual written letters to the media, and any other way available. And don't lose heart.

I might have to steal the idea of the poster - just change some details!

Sorry to go on so much .. I have a rant button! :-)
Daisy's barbara