Tuesday, October 19, 2010

s is for stop

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) physicist, philosopher & peace activist

stop driving seems like sound advice!

the average american spends seventy-two minutes in transit every single day, most of that is driving to and from some place - if you do the sums that adds up to 290 hours a year in transit.

according to this source, the average household spent $5,477 on gas and auto expenses last year alone. spending varies by states and the source has a super breakdown if interested.

life on our little spaceship would be a whole lot more sustainable if we spent more time walking or biking to get around than using modes of travel that burn up fossil fuels. seriously, of course if we were become more sustainable as individuals and as a society, we have to stop doing business as usual and assess the ways we live and sometimes it might mean making some sacrifices. in the end it will mean embracing a simpler lifestyle and realizing that small is beautiful!

as a start, we should ask ourselves a series of questions: how far do we live from work? are the activities that bring joy involve spending money and/or increase our ecological footprint? is shopping a supreme sport? how engaged are we in our local community? I'll stop - I have a suspicion that the sense of such questioning is sparkling clear - so how about I stop and you add some instead!

john prine singing it's a big old goofy world, it may seem like a strange song to post, but I think you'll see the significance if you give it a listen and if nothing else maybe it'll make you smile!

photo: olympia washington, april 2010


Reya Mellicker said...

I love me some John Prine! Excellent.

Honestly the day they took my car away, I believe my blood pressure dropped several points right then and there. I don't miss driving at all! But I'm lucky to live in an east coast city where public transportation is something everyone uses.

artgirl said...

Sadly, I spend more time than that in transit. But I'm a west sider trapped working on the east side. Thumbs down!

Roy said...

Yup, as you already know, I don't drive. I get everywhere by either shank's mare or public transit.