Monday, October 18, 2010

r is for red-tailed hawk

The Hawk

This morning
the hawk
rose up
out of the meadow’s browse

and swung over the lake—
it settled
on the small black dome
of a dead pine,

alert as an admiral,
its profile
distinguished with sideburns
the color of smoke,

and I said: remember
this is not something
of the red fire, this is
heaven’s fistful

of death and destruction,
and the hawk hooked
one exquisite foot
onto a last twig

to look deeper
into the yellow reeds
along the edges of the water
and I said: remember

the tree, the cave
the white lily of resurrection
and that’s when it simply lifted
its golden feet and floated

into the wind, belly-first,
and then it cruised along the lake—
all the time its eyes fastened
harder than love on some

unimportant rustling in the
yellow reeds—and then it
seemed to crouch high in the air, and then it
turned into a white blade, which fell.

by Mary Oliver (b. 1935) poet
from owls and other fantasies: poems and essays

rambling around near my sister and brother in-law's residence last month we ran into a remarkable sight - a red-tailed hawk resting in a tree in a residential neighborhood lunching on a rodent - :(

s/he let us watch for the entire repast!

select scenes from ladyhawke - in some scenes she's a red-tailed hawk, although in others it appears some hawkish shape shifting was taking place.

we really loved this movie when em was growing up - we resorted to recording it otherwise the rental fines would have been ridiculous!

photos: fort worth, texas, september 2010


Watson said...

I'm glad to see your hawk is eating orgainic, fair trade, local fare! Sorry if it's a friend mouse!

I'm amazed at your ability to post so faithfully. My human is still sniffling and sneezing and coughing. Makes life kind of boring for me.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

daisy, ha ha. yes, it is an eat or be eaten world at times, and brother squirrel was lunch for that hungry hawk.

the alphabet is a good muse for helping me get back into the habit of blogging. the last few months I wasn't so faithful and expect when the alphabet is over I won't be posting quite as often but hopefully more than single digits for a month!

Roy said...

I love Redtails! We have our share around here, plus we're in the midst of the annual Fall hawk migration, so there are a lot of visitors passing through. The ones I've made a personal acquaintance with up here stay year round.

Ladyhawke is an interesting film, but for me it's chief distinguishing feature has to be that it's the only movie (at least as far as I know) where Rutger Hauer actually plays a good guy! He was so much the quintessential spooky villain as Roy Batty in Blade Runner that Hollywood seems to have settled him into that role.

Coffee Messiah said...

What great shots!

btw, I never got a chance to see the link you sent. By the time I saw it on my phone, to my computer (a day) the spam folder, which is where it went, had deleted it.

I'm curious, so if you try again, I hope to be quicker. Cheers!

Merle Sneed said...

The red-tailed hawk is our most common raptor out here in the desert. Although I've seen a million of them in my life, I never fail to stop and watch one going about her business.