Friday, October 15, 2010

o is for oops!

welcome to blog action day! our topic this year is water.

when it comes to water, I thought I'd out my own personal OOPS.

until a few months ago I behaved somewhat obliviously. I knew bottled water was an obvious financial rip-off but didn't think critically about all the other problems - so when I was out and about and thirsty, well.......

then I saw tapped.

now, my blinders are more oops for me!

if you have 8 minutes check out annie leonard's short documentary the story of bottled water

no time for annie's vid?

okay, here's a nifty summary developed by Online Education

The Facts About Bottled Water
inspired? take the pledge

Take Back the Tap Pledge

I pledge to:

- Choose tap water over bottled water whenever possible;

- Fill a reusable bottle with tap water;

- Support policies that promote clean, affordable tap water for all.

and just think, when you give up bottle water you can start using these containers that are oh so much nicer than plastic bottles that end up polluting our lovely watery planet (not to mention all the other problems!)

photos: top - just a small sample of bottled water for sale at a local grocery store, october 2010 ; bottom - reusable canteens, waterloo records, austin, september 2010


whalechaser said...

As always, your post was fabulous! I learned some new stuff and can pat myself on the back for using a metal water bottle for several years now!
Thanks for this very informative presentation

Roy said...

I've always used a plastic, insulated bike-rider's squeeze water bottle filled with tap water on my hikes. It's just common sense compared to the cost of bottled water. And as I heard a guy say on one of the NPR talk shows, there's absolutely nothing wrong with tap water anywhere in the US that justifies this bottled water fad.

Watson said...

I "took the pledge" many years ago. bottled water is a big rip-off. I do love some of the reuseable bottles in your photo. Mine is so plain!

Betsy Brock said...

I use a refillable bottle and have a filter on our tap at the kitchen sink.

I always thought it was ironic that just as we were all trying to be 'green' that we fill the trash dumps with tons of plastic bottles. Never made sense to me.

karen said...

I have to agree with did seem ironic. I've been using tap water now with a Brita filter and even question that. The past few weeks our water smells like pure bleach coming out of the faucet. I called our township and they claim they needed to use boosters for bacteria. I'm not sure the bleach is safe either. I remember the days when we never questioned the quality of our tap water.
This is a very informative chart. Thanks.

Michael Rawluk said...

When we bought our reusable water bottles the price was astronomical. They are finally coming down in price.
Thanks for posting this.

Gary said...

Great post! I just started using a refillable water bottle instead of buying bottled a few weeks ago because I got a free water bottle from a bank as a promotion. A few days after that we were told not to drink the water in Trenton because there were problems with the water filtration plant. A big warning went out and I was back to bottled water. The situation has been corrected now but what horrible timing. Your post has made me realize it is time to give it another go. I really want one of those "Mr. Tap" water bottles though (the light blue one in your pic that looks retro). Hopefully I'll find it around here.

Coffee Messiah said...

Oh yes, filters on the tap a must, especially in these parts.

Great video and makes the understanding so simple.

Here's hoping!

tony said...

Yes, I've Always Thought It A Bit Daft To Buy Bottles Of Designer Water.
"they" would sell us Sunshine Too if they could!

CiCi said...

Great post. Full of info. Hubby and I use refillable bottles and drink tap water. Always have.