Tuesday, October 12, 2010

l is for lullaby

Autumn Lullaby

The sun has gone from the shining skies,
The dandelions have closed their eyes,
The stars are lighting their lamps to see
If babes and squirrels and birds and bees
Are sound asleep as they should be.

The squirrel keeps warm in his furs of gray,
‘Neath feathers, birdies are tucked away,
In yellow jackets, the bees sleep tight
And cuddle close through the chilly night,
My baby's snug in her gown of white.

The squirrel nests in a big oak tree,
He finds a hole in the trunk, you see,
The robin's home is a nest overhead,
The bees, they nest in a hive instead,
My baby's nest is her little bed.


last night f and I went to listen to natalie merchant live in downtown cleveland. she was the special guest for the cuyahoga county library fall event. the lady from the library emceeing announced that this year the library has again been rated as the #1 library in the country for communities with a half-million or more population.

the evening was layered -- leading into natalie's concert was an ensemble of 4 young poets who provided the audience with a lively poetry slam. later the lovely lyrical and literate natalie took stage; she was joined by long-time accompanist on guitar and backing vocals, gabriel gordon. the first part of the concert was exclusively songs from leave your sleep - each song was preceded by a little lecture on the poet - along with a little biography were a photo or two.

alas, there is no youtube version of natalie singing autumn lullaby from her new album leave your sleep, but you can listen via her website unfortunately she didn't perform autumn lullaby last night - but it is one of my favorite tunes from the cd - after all it was written by anonymouse!

below is a lovely vid that is available from the new compilation - the song is nursery rhyme of innocence and experience by charles causley.

by the way, john hayes has an analysis of the tune on just a song and a review of the album on robert frost's banjo

photos: top- 'lil x singing leah a lullaby, july 2010; for ms t a stroller ride around lakewood is all the lullaby she sometimes needs, september 2010


Roy said...

Lucky you! Natalie Merchant's new album is just stunning; I'd love to see her perform this music in concert, but at the moment that's not on the agenda. **sigh**

37paddington said...

what amazingly gorgeous children! god bless them!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout-out! As you may know, I saw her in Washington state this summer, & it was one of the very best concerts I've ever seen. Glad you had a chance to see--& hear!--her live.

Tess Kincaid said...

I'm sorry I missed it! Natalie Merchant is fabulous. I adore her new album and have been listening to it all summer!

Watson said...

Loved the Autumn Lullaby! what are you going to do when you reach "Z"?? :-)

Kat Mortensen said...

With all the rave reviews of this album, I'm going to have to get it!
It must have been wonderful to see her live.