Friday, October 1, 2010

a is for action

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You'll find the fun, and...snap! The job's a game!
Mary Poppins

I await getting back into a blogging groove. it's time to take action and pull out the mouse's tried and true solution to the bloggy blues - the blogabet. in the past the alphabet has served as a delightful muse - not only is the alphabet fun, it's interesting to see where the alphabet takes us - I liken it to a sustained association exercise.

this year since we are starting in october, it seems fitting to start off with promoting an annual worldwide blogging event - blog ACTION day. beginning in 2007, blog action day has united the world's bloggers by encouraging worldwide discussion of an issue which needs action; past topics include the environment (2007); poverty (2008); and climate change (2009). this year the topic is WATER.

as I write this morning, there are currently 1,341 blogs registered to participate from 91 different countries with an estimated readership of nearly 12 million people! if you haven't registered yet, I hope you will - if you do, please leave a comment. I don't want to miss your contribution to the dialogue on this very important topic. it's a snap to register - just go here.

one more action plug - tomorrow, october 2nd, is a day of action and activism for america. because of my recent wander to austin (and other towns that don't start with the letter a) I'll be absent. I'm sure there will be plenty of mouse associates in attendance - I anticipate reading your articles about the action! details of the october 2nd action are here

in honor of julie andrews 75th birthday today, today's song is spoonful of sugar from the 1964 classic mary poppins

photo: rescue workers training on the guadalope river, new braunfels, tx; 28 september 2010


Anonymous said...

That spot, where the rescue people are working, is really a dangerous place to be. From the low dams that used to be around here I have read where people got over the dam and then got stuck in that kind of whirlpool rapids beneath them. It scares me to think of that.

They finally took the low dams out and let our rivers run their wild ways.

Everyday Goddess said...

That's a really interesting project, I will check it out.

I love Mary Poppins. Still.

karen said...

I think I'll post on the 15th to help this action day. My contribution... Meatless Mondays started by Paul McCartney. If we eat less meat we need less water to feed animals that are bred for food. Just one day puts a huge decrease in the amount of animal production...and less methane in the air too. Thanks for bringing the action day to my attention.

Betsy Brock said...

Love Mary Poppins. :)

I've started on the alphabet this year but have only gotten 6-7 letters done...only on my own though and not with a blogging group.

Was wondering how your mom is doing.

Glad you're trying to get back in the groove! :)

Gary said...

Well done! I am happy to see you doing the ABCs again. You always come up with the most interesting choices.

I am reading lots of ABC books with my kindergarten children at the moment and am going to do a post on my favorites.

I will go check out this project.

Happy Birthday Julie!

Megan said...

Oh I do love your alphabet months. Go, Kim!