Friday, October 8, 2010

h is for hispanic heritage

Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore.
César Chávez (1927-1993 activist and labor organizer

hispanic heritage month began september 15 and will conclude later this month.

in case you were wondering why the odd start date, it makes total sense if you look at the history of our latin american neighbors. september 15th is the anniversary of independence for five latin american countries —costa rica, el salvador, guatemala, honduras, and nicaragua; mexico declared its independence on september 16, and chile on september 18.

according to the 2000 census, more than 35 million people identified themselves as hispanic/latino. the united states continues to be a country characterized by incredible diversity and blending of cultures. our country is so much richer because of the contributions of those with roots from so many lands.

according to the census bureau the country is projected to become even more diverse in the years to come. I don't know about you, but for this mouse, I welcome this increased diversity. variety is truly the spice of life! the mouse would like to join in the celebration of hispanic heritage month and say gracias!

tish hinojosa performing banderas del sol (flag of the sun) - don't you just adore tish's voice? I'm a bit bummed as it doesn't look like cleveland is included in her stops during this fall/winter - but it's really not all that far to columbus, maybe we'll get to hear her live this year -- according to bumper sticker wisdom, live music is better.

photos: both taken in spanish harlem. did you know that the image of our lady of guadalupe is mexico's most popular religious and cultural image, and veneration of the virgin of guadalupe has spread throughout the world . nyc december 2009.


Roy said...

Heh, heh! I just listened to a segment on the NPR program The World about how mole sauce varies from region to region in Mexico, complete with recipes. Mmmmmm!

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm glad you're back in the saddle of blogging. Bravo!!

tony said...

Amen Mr Chávez .Amen.