Thursday, October 7, 2010

g is for garden

More grows in the garden than the gardener sows.
Old Spanish Proverb

goodness gracious there are just gazillions of great, gorgeous words that start with the letter G - but there is nothing quite as glorious as a garden.

for today's alphabet extravaGanza g is for garden!

when we first moved to cleveland, we lived right across the street from a neighborhood community garden. for the three years we lived in that flat , we had a plot in the garden. it was great, along with the gratification of growing our own food, the community garden was a great place to meet people and learn about our (new) community. after we moved, my veggie gardening became limited to containers of tomatoes, peppers and random containers and beds of flowers and herbs.

although my gardening is limited to flowers and just a few edibles, we partake the bounty of local gardens. truth be told, with more and more farmer's markets, a generous group of veggie gardening friends, and being on the receiving end of getting 'extras' from friends who who have shares in a couple local csa's - I find we don't really have the need to grow a full scale veggie garden. although, another truth be told, I miss the experience of gathering together with others who are growing things on a shared ground.

both of today's photos are from jane's house in nearby oberlin. jane is a guru of gardening. in addition to an incredible crop of, well, you name it, she also has a couple glass bottle trees 'growing' in her garden. I asked jane about this curious crop. she said bottle trees go way back - to exactly when and where, she couldn't recall. however, she said that when glass bottle trees "grow" in a garden - the gardener traps whatever evil spirits that might be lurking about in the bottles and the garden will then be filled with only good spirits.

of course, curious mouse that I am wanted to know more about bottle trees. researching this phenomenon I found a guy named felder rushing who has a website that is a virtual grove of gorgeous images and history about glass bottle trees.

not long ago, the mouse shared pete seeger's version of the garden song. in a comment to that post, roy reminded us that the person who wrote the garden song is no other than the extremely talented singer-songwriter david mallet.

sometimes when songs are covered by others, I lose sight of the person behind the song. so thanks roy for the reminder! fortunately youtube has a version of david performing his song. although pete is my hero and I love his rendition of the song, I ADORE david doing his song! by the way, check out john denver's gnarly cover - which includes a group of glorious singing flowers (and don't the flowers look a little like gladiolas!) a la the muppet show!

photo: oberlin, august 2010


ArtSparker said...

I love bottle trees.

karen said...

The longer I continue to garden the more I get to see others gardens. It always amazes me how each person has a different idea of how the garden looks, and the things they add as garden architecture, It's what makes it blogs.
Enjoying your blogabet. The bottle tree is pretty cool.

Roy said...

A bottle tree, eh? What do you plant to grow that - red, white, or rosé?

The ironic thing about my pointing out that David Mallet wrote "The Garden Song" is that for years I thought Arlo had written it, because he used to sing it at all his concerts. It wasn't until Mallet himself performed at the Newport Folk Festival in 2005 or so that I learned the true roots of the song. Live and learn!

Alan Burnett said...

Gee, this is a glorious collection of great images.