Wednesday, September 8, 2010

empty spaces

Once I knew only darkness and stillness. My life was without past or future. But a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness and my heart leaped to the rapture of living.
Helen Keller (1880-1968) author, activist, lecturer

I can't say I've encountered any memorial street art murals in cleveland, however, in new york one does run across some incredible works of remembrance. in june the friends I was visiting treated me to dinner at roberto's in the bronx's little italy. as we were driving around looking for a parking spot, we drove by the mural which is featured today. after parking the car we walked back to the mural, I was, of course, quite interested in studying it a bit more and getting a few snaps.

coincidentally, we weren't the only ones interested in the piece, as we walked up we saw a priest busily snapping shots of the mural with his smart phone. we introduced ourselves and started talking; we discovered that father phil was from wisconsin and was in new york for a conference. a few months earlier someone had sent him a photo of the mural. he decided that while he was in new york he would try and locate the mural. he only knew that the mural was located in the bronx's little italy neighborhood. he told us that for close to an hour he walked up to folks in the neighborhood, pulled up the photo on his cell and asked if they knew where the mural was located. it turns out he had to ask at least ten people before encountering someone who could recall where the mural was located.

since I had a camera that was slightly better than a cell-phone camera, father phil and I exchanged email addresses - once I got home I sent him the photos I took. who knows maybe father phil is using the shot of him with the sacred heart on his facebook page. of course, I'm assuming that father phil is on facebook part of his priestly mission is working with teens and young adults and these days doesn't it seem that everyone and everything has a facebook page?

wall wednesday returns as does pink floyd's the wall - today's tune is empty spaces according to the portal the song includes a hidden message that is only intelligible when the song is played backwards. no the message is not that paul is dead.


whalechaser said...

The Bronx...Little is a spiritual place. One feels warmth, family and contentment when walking those streets. Arthur Avenue holds a treasure of pasta stores, bakeries and assorted restaurants. Roberto's is my personal favorite (so you know I am jealous!!!)
I hope you will slowly replace the grief with wonderful heartwarming memories and heal.

CiCi said...

That's a pretty cool story about the mural and Father Phil.

Betty said...

Looking forward to visiting the Bronx next month. Will see if we can find that mural too.

Thanks for posting that amazing clip. It made me want to sit down and watch the whole film (again) tho' it's not comfortable viewing by any means.

Filling empty spaces is hard.
Blessings as you wait x

Roy said...

Absolutely cool mural! I'm wondering what the language on the left part of the ribbon banner is; it looks Slavic of one sort or another. I'm also wondering if it's the translation of "Rest in Heaven" from the right side.

Unknown said...

Fr. Phil here from the visit in da Bronx... Thanks for the pic! I put it on the Facebook of the Apostleship of Prayer, my organization, since we specialize in Sacred Heart stuff!

Megan said...

The offspring's theology teacher requires that all his students get a twitter account. I confess I'm still trying to work that one out!

When I was a kid the Sacred Heart scared me a little.

Hi, Father Phil!

Alan Burnett said...

Wonderful pictures (and wonderful murals) When I eventually get to New York next year I will go in search for such dramatic art.

Anonymous said...

I think the best part of the story is your meeting father Phil.

lettuce said...

excellent way to remember someone - I've seen a few memorial graffiti pieces in London.

hugs kimy