Friday, July 16, 2010

say it ain't so

The dreams of the left are always beautiful - the imagining of a better world, the damnation of the present one. This faith, this luminescent anger - these are worthy of being called human. These are the Beautiful that an age produces.
Tony Kushner (b. 16 july 1956) playwright,
1993 winner of pulitzer for drama for angels in america

I got back last night from spending a week with my folks, it was a very lovely visit. most of the time I hung out with the folks and tried to be the resident handymouse - I'm pleased that only one item on the 'honey do' list was left undone. but, no worries, if my sibs don't take care of that prickly bush in front of the house, I'll be back next month, with f and e, to celebrate my dad's 88th birthday!

speaking of birthdays, today is a BIG one for f - this morning I checked out the portal to see who shares the birthday with my honey. turns out he's in very esteemed company - others who have birthdays on july 16th include: st. clare of assisi, ida b. wells, camille corot, shoeless joe jackson, ginger rogers, ruben blades, and tony kushner. in choosing today's quote, I thought the above was perfect - f's nickname back in the 1970s was 'left' and he is a beautiful dreamer!

back to my trip, on the day I arrived I did treat myself to a little wander. as someone who still likes to play with blocks, didn't want to miss the exhibit lego architecture: towering ambition at the national building museum. the exhibit was fantastic and it will be around through early september; in case you don't find yourself in dc between now and then and are interested in all things lego, you can check out my flickr set here and see some highlights from the exhibit. did you know that lego is derived from two danish words leg and godt and translates basically as play well!

say it ain't so joe written by murray head, performed by roger daltrey

photo: prayer flags outside a buddhist temple in fairfax, virginia. july 2010


Alan Burnett said...

I like the idea of a Handymouse - you are welcome to visit here any time.

Unknown said...

What fun! Funny, I only remember red & white Legos as a kid, but I sure loved them. Good to see people using the legos in the museum.

F. also shares a birthday w/Barbara Stanwyck! She & Ginger were born on the same date a few years apart.

ArtSparker said...

Love banners of all kinds, and these are very elegant.

Whoah, dude, I know Tony K. is very well-respected, and I don't stint on the dreaming my own self, but the "damnation of the present [world]" sounds curiously like a mirror image of the right wing agenda, substituting an imagined ideal future for an imagined ideal past. We live here, now, and we helped to make it what it is, for better or worse.

Everyday Goddess said...

i love prayer flags!

i love videos from the 70's. nice jeans roger. nice jeans.

Coffee Messiah said...

Happy Birthday and many returns.

3 more yrs ; )

Haven't heard that song since I left home........

Hope all is well! Cheers!

Roy said...

Hmmmm... Handymouse, eh?

Angels In America is a favorite of mine - I have the DVD of the made-for-TV version here with Meryl Streep and Al Pacino (and Pacino deserved awards for his portrayal of supercreep Roy Cohn!). Oh yeah, and who can forget Jeffery Wright as Belize! So F and Tony Kushner share a birthday, huh? That's a good sign!

CiCi said...

It is a good thing to see flags flying freely like this. Nice picture.
Hope your honey has a wonderful birthday. My kids played with Legos for hours and hours and could put together the most awesome things that sometimes would surprise me.

37paddington said...

many happy returns to the handymouse house!

Watson said...

Happy Birthday celebration(s)! Mine is next week so guess we are both "crabs", but not "crabby"! :-)

Saretta said...

I had no idea Lego meant something!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks for all the birthday wishes to f!


Betsy Brock said...

How wonderful to be back home after such a nice, productive visit! 88! Wow...that will be a fun party!

I would have left the prickly bush until the end, too! ha.