Thursday, July 22, 2010


People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.

John Wanamaker (1838-1922) merchant and politician

Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic.
Antonio Gaudi (1852-1926) architect

Restore human legs as a means of travel. Pedestrians rely on food for fuel and need no special parking facilities.
Lewis Mumford (1895-1990) historian & writer

I've searched all the parks in all the cities and found no statues of committees.

G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936) journalist, essayist, & novelist

As we change our consciousness, so will we change the world. Fully engaging in the creative process of self expression awakens spontaneity and gives us fresh perspectives on personal problems and world issues.
Natalie Rogers (b. 1928) artist, therapist and educator (daughter of Carl Rogers (1902-1987)

You don’t see something until you have the right metaphor to let you perceive it.
Thomas Kuhn (1922-1996) philosopher, physicist and historian of science

Our society must make it right and possible for old people not to fear the young or be deserted by them, for the test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members.
Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973) writer; 1st woman awarded the Nobel prize in literature (1938)

Games lubricate the body and the mind.

Benjamin Franklin (1706 -1790) polymath (aka Renaissance man)

In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.
Edward Hoagland (b. 1932) essayist & novelist

notes on photos:
  1. east river state park, williamsburg neighborhood of brooklyn, new york city, june 2010
  2. parc güell, designed by antonio gaudi, designated as a unesco world heritage sites. last week I started a new novel called the gaudi key; the book is reminiscent of the da vinci code however, features gaudi as the 'key' to the mystery. I'm look forward to seeing whether parc güell figures in the story. this park is simply amazing, it is one of the most wondrous parks I've ever had the good fortune of to wander around. barcelona, march 2007.
  3. when I recently visited the national building museum, one of the exhibits was entitled house of cars:innovation and the parking garage. the exhibit was quite fascinating; oddly two of the parking garages featured were in places where we have lived. the temple street garage (as seen above) in new haven and cleveland's euclid square garage - which in the 1920s was the largest parking garage in the world! the temple street garage is still operating, however over time the euclid square garage was converted into office space.
  4. when I was in nyc last month steve turned me on to an incredible park - the high line park. the park opened last year and is still 'in construction' it is already amazing, but given all that is planned it is going to be even more so - visiting high line reminded me of a children's book I ran across a few months ago that left a deep impression. the book is called the curious garden by peter brown. turns out the high line inspired brown's book! the story is about how a little boy decides to become a gardener and plants an urban garden and transforms the dark, gray city, it into a lush, green world. check out the nytimes review of the book for more information.
  5. parking meters, cleveland heights, ohio, august 2009
  6. a young woman exploring the alice statue in central park, nyc. june 2010
  7. parc monceau, paris, october 2005
  8. park in lower manhattan, nyc, april 2008
  9. lakewood dog park, february 2009
today's post is part of theme thursday - to see other blogger playing in the park today go here.

budapest's multiparker. when i was in dc waxing on about the parking exhibit at the national building museum, my mom turned me on to this video. I hope you take a few minutes to check out this truly mindblowing park(ing) experience! here's one parking garage that can actually help develop more urban parks!


Life is good...except for sometimes. said...

You never disappoint. oxoxP

K. said...

Keep it wild/Keep it on the path...there's a paradox for you...

Poetry24 said...

Great post. The video clip is quite incredible.

tony said...

ah Yes! Mr Gaudi .the Patron saint Of Parklife.

Brian Miller said...

nice. like the alice atatue...and the guy doing the head stand int he first pic...but the lizard is my fav i think. happy tt mouse!

e said...

Great post! I hope you are well, Mouse. Happy Theme Thursday!

Tom said...

har! a park for cars. good stuff

Roy said...

Great post today - a park by Gaudi, a downtown meadow, and an innovative parking system. Good job, Kim!

Watson said...

No fear of failing parrallel parking in a driving test! Love it!

As always, great photos. Especially like the dog park!

Betsy Brock said...

Those parking meters are cracking me up! It's like a granny got really ambitious! haha.

tinyskillet said...

I'm with Betsy on the crochet covered parking meters - gotta love 'em!

whalechaser said...

The parking video is fantastic; I just wanted you to know that I am stealing the idea and posting it to my blog, just in case my followers don't make it here. This is so worth seeing! Thanks!

Lesley said...

If the cars must be parked up on the street, then the crocheted meter covers are definitely the way to go.

Matty said...

Those parks look very inviting. Everyone loves a park. And that parking video is amazing. Someone is a genius to come up with that. Maybe America should take notice of it.

Saretta said...

I love that first true!

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

smart take,
lovely images.

Francisca said...

I like the photos (especially the mosaic animals), the quotes, and the video. Great post on the theme PARK.

California Girl said...

The multi parker is freakin' awesome. What heavily congested areas in cities wouldn't benefit? It can't cost more than many other urban projects. Glad you found this. It really is an idea for the future come true in the 21st century.

Me said...

These are some great photos! The first one grabbed me, and it only got better from there!

karen said...

Loved the parking video...and those mushrooms in the park look good enough to eat! Thoroughly enjoyed this post! Totally fun walk in the park! xo

37paddington said...

lovely pictures as always, and the High Line! Love that place. We go down there just to walk it in all seasons. You should have seen it during last winter's heaviest snow. Hushed and magical.

Somehow I love knowing you've discovered it's magic, too!

Baino said...

Ah I knew you'd do this one justice. Excellent. Love the Alice in Wonderland sculpture, there's a similar one of Peter Pan in London I could stare at it all day. Have a friend in Perth who's knitting socks for poles . . no not people from Poland, just . . poles! Weird but fun.

Merle Sneed said...

That is an amazing video.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Yet another wonderful and inspiring post.
Yours is one of my favorite blogs, you know that, right?


Leeuna said...

Wonderful photos. And the video was amazing. What a fabulous concept for a parking garage.