Tuesday, July 27, 2010

glory days

Memory is a paradise out of which fate cannot drive us.

Alexandre Dumas, fils (27 july 1824 – 1895) novelist & playwright

the mouse has been silent for the last few days as we've been having a wonderful, busy time what with family visiting from texas and wisconsin. one of f's sibs is as passionate about the cleveland irish festival as we which is great.

the only kink in the fun was the panic we had yesterday when we woke up to discover that tsuki (an indoor cat) snuck out of the house. I forgot to remind folks to make sure tsuki doesn't sneak out and also to make sure that the back screen door latches securely if going out on the back porch. all's well that ends well, after papering the neighborhood with lost cat fliers, calling the animal warden for the city, and doing everything else a panicked cat's human will do, tsuki found his own way home around 5 yesterday afternoon. it's a shame cats can't talk as I would love to know what tsuki was up to on his big adventure. he looked no worse for wear - and the way he ate one would have thought he was gone days and not just 18 or 19 hours.

in addition to the irish festival - which we attended saturday evening and all day/night sunday, saturday we hit the west side market for falafel (no trip to cleveland is complete unless it contains a visit to the west side market) and hitting the rock and roll hall of fame and museum as one of the nephews hasn't been there before -- we were able to catch the springsteen exhibit before it leaves.

the last of our visitors will be leaving this afternoon, so perhaps life will return to normal.

photo: michigan, june 2010


ArtSparker said...

Congratulations on the prodigal's return, sounds like reunions all around.

Meri said...

Ah. The Dumas quote is only partially true. Memory can also imprison you in every level of hell.

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, glad kitty found his way home...they usually do..the smart little things! I had one gone 3 days once! You should have seen him eat! ha.

California Girl said...

thank goodness your cat came home. isn't the Boss the best? he's still got it.

Watson said...

So glad that tsuki found his way home without coming to any harm. He couldn't be without his "mouse"!

I embedded some "Andertoons" in my blog and they are not changing as they are supposed to ... which I'm glad about since the one that's there made me think of "mouse"! :-)