Wednesday, June 2, 2010

twenty one

Innumerable actions are going on through us all the time. If we started counting them, we should never come to an end.
Vinoba Bhave (1895-1982) teacher and non-violence activist

I've been feeling as if I've been a bit lax lately posting on the mouse. always the empiricist, I thought I'd look at 'the numbers' and see if my feeling is correct. well, I discovered that this past month I hit an all time monthly low - may 2010 had a whooping 10! good thing I put a post up monday otherwise, the monthly total would have dipped into the single digits - who knows what kind of number that would have done on me.

as a recovering number cruncher, I whipped out the old calculator and figured out the mouse's numbers. for those interested (e.g. perhaps one or two of you out there), here's what I came up with: the mouse began february 19, 2007, since then I've put up 883 posts - or an average of 22 posts a month. the first year (2007) of blogging I averaged 27/month, in 2008 the average dropped to 25/month, then last year it decreased even more to only 18 posts a month. since 2010 began, I've dipped down to 15.8 posts a month. now, variability is normal, but a sustained downward trend has me thinking - for now no promises other than to avoid single digits!!

speaking of counting, yesterday I was over at a neighbor's house and the tv news was on - one story which caught my attention focused on prince william sound, the area of alaska where the exxon-valdez catastrophe occurred. twenty-one years later the region has yet to recover from that disaster. at one point the reporter reached down and gently dug an inch or two below the surface - the rock and sand was still saturated with oil. although I can't find a link to last night's network news story (I don't recall the station) I did find this concise article which discusses the lasting environmental impact of the exxon-valdez disaster.

in one account of the current crisis, an expert stated that the bp deepwater catastrophe in the gulf of mexico is currently four-times worse than the exxon-valdez and the oil is still spewing. the whole debacle in the gulf could have been avoided had bp been responsible. the other day on npr there was a story about how bp has the worst record in terms of both the number of safety violations and the practice of ignoring safety violations. according to a new york times report the company has a history of spills, blowouts, safety violations, and empty promises.

the cranberries song twenty one which was on their second album, released in 1994. when they were active, I was a big fan of the cranberries, then they essentially disappeared from the scene apparently to pursue solo careers. there is rumor that they are back ..... if so I do hope they go on tour - that would be one show I'd like to catch!

photo: a particularly pretty purple peony, mike's garden - cleveland heights, 30 may 2010


Tess Kincaid said...

Interesting number cruncher-ish post. Gorgeous peony!!

Roy said...

I'd forgotten all about the Cranberries; thanks for posting that video.

21 years, huh? And the oil's still there, just under the surface. And now the Mississippi Delta and the Gulf Coast. BP must be made to pay dearly for this.

Coffee Messiah said...

Last week on the Rachel Maddow program (i listen to the podcasts while having coffee before work) she had a clip from a spill in '79 that was only 500 feet deep and they're all basically saying and doing the same thing, at this new major depth, with the same results.

The best you say? Grrrrr

Alan Burnett said...

We need much more analysis of these figures, particularly that big dip between 2008 and 2009. With a bit of effort during the rest of this year you can get your average up and thus the long term trend will be a concave curb and if we extrapolate that you will be heartily blogging into the 22nd century.

Watson said...

The flower was stunning! Wow!

Perhaps the tragedy in the Gulf will motivate people to insist on renewable, non-toxic, safer sources of energy? Here, the idiots want to build drilling stations along the Pacific coast ... where we have earthquakes frequently.

Megan said...

The Mouse must go on! And I'm sure it will. I see you were already over my place today. In case you don't get back to read my response - I thought fondly of your alphabet posts when I decided to do it.

Apropos this post in particular - I did not know that about that area of Alaska. How horrible!

I hate to think about what will happen to our beautiful Gulf.