Monday, June 21, 2010

sun in shining

Life is a great sunrise. I do not see why death should not be an even greater one.

Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977) author & educator

I returned home yesterday with the rising sun, safe and sound from my wonderful week + in new york. overall, it was a pretty perfect trip with only a couple bumps along the way - the first came on day one when my camera decided it was time to die - can you believe that! given the amount of photos I take, it isn't surprising that my camera gave up the ghost. what a time to choose to die; there's probably no better place to be than new york when it comes time to needing to replace one's camera - so by sunday afternoon I was all set.

the only other bumps was the disappointment that I didn't get a chance to see everyone I had hoped to see - angella and squirrel, I do hope we can connect next time! fortunately, I was able to see quite a few friends - bloggy and otherwise. on tuesday, I met up with blogging pal steve and we went off on a mega street art adventure. steve referred to our day as a marathon and has a wonderful account of the day here on his blog. after our marathon we met up with bud gary and wrapped up a wonderful day with a wonderful evening!

above is one of the many rodents I encountered on our tour of nyc street art. it's going to take me a while to organize all my photos from our wander - steve has inspired me to be better at using flickr. maybe I'll even take his lead and join one of the flickr groups for people that share a passion for street art - however, if I do I hope I don't fall down another cyber rabbit hole!

speaking of rabbit holes, how is it that I never knew about the incredible alice in wonderland statue in central park!! on friday julien turned my bff alice and I on to it! thanks julien - maybe next trip we will find the statue of alice and the red queen. turns out our theory about it being missing because of the renovation of the james michael levin playground is true.

thanks julien for snapping this portrait of me and the dormouse.

I went to new york with a manageable list of things to do/see. one destination was woodlawn cemetery in the bronx. to reach the cemetery all one needs to do is take the #4 to the end of the line. fitting, no?
needless to say I took many, many photos of grave markers - quite a few were of notable individuals such as jazz great miles davis. and as with my street art snaps, a flickr set will be forthcoming

another item on my list was to go to the rubin museum in order to check out their exhibit on how cultures approach death. even though I had expectations that the exhibit would be more cross-cultural than it actually was (the exhibit basically compared tibetan buddhism and western christian views), I was not in the least disappointed. since it is a special exhibit the only photo I took was that of the sign for the exhibit. I heartily recommend the exhibit should you find yourself in nyc between now and august 9th.

another special exhibit that really knocked my socks off is the one called tradition transformed, which highlights the work of nine contemporary tibetan artists. powerful - this exhibit will be up until mid october.

on another floor we encountered a statue of mooshika, the mouse deity who is the companion to ganesha, the elephant-headed god. ganesha is often found riding upon mooshika. mooshika naturally gnaws through any obstacles and as his names means "little hoarder," mooshika has riches to share which is illustrated in the statue below by the fruit in his outstretched hand. mighty good mouse medicine, if I must say!

but the real reason I timed my trip to nyc when I did was to check out another special exhibit - this was of the work and art of henri cartier-bresson, often considered the founder of modern photojournalism. my friend alice, who lives in washington state, also had the exhibit on her list of must sees, fortunately she had a business meeting which brought her to new jersey late last week. she arrive in nyc on thursday evening and alice treated me to an early birthday present by taking me as her date to see keith jarrett at carnegie hall. wow what a show!!

alice and I got to moma before the museum opened and there was already a respectable line waiting for the doors to open. the exhibit was exciting and inspiring. it will only be at moma for another week - I'm hoping it will be going on the road as quite truthfully, I would like to make another stroll through henri's eye.

I can't conclude this (inadequate) summation of my trip without thanking pam and katie, who once again graciously let me crash at their flat. besides being lifelong friends and some of the best fictive sisters one can have, p&k are simply the best guides in terms of helping me find the best ways to navigate around the city and I can always count on them to keep me abreast of what's new on the (affordable) foodie scene. I'm so grateful that they continue to share their lives and love with me and that they give me visitation rights to f & my 18 year old grandkitty noche - noche is doing quite well as last of the line that began with our cat, her grandmother lily - she might be spoiled rotten with daily treats of mister tasty or sour cream or yogurt, but hey it is as it should be!

seeing that today is the summer solstice and the first full day of summer, I thought I'd wrap up the post with a little bob, I don't know about you, but for me nothing feels more like summer than the songs of marley!

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet
Make you want to move your dancing feet


California Girl said...

lucky you and Ruth to visit the Cartier Bresson exhibit! i'm jealous. Sounds like a great trip.

Barb said...

Visiting you from Marianne's blog and have enjoyed your photo tour of NY.

Roy said...

Leave it to you to find mouse graffiti in NYC! Amd Miles Davis's gravestone is something else.

Welcome back!

Steve Reed said...

Glad you made it home safely and the rest of your trip worked out so well! It was great to see you and hang out Tuesday! Maybe we need to do a day of street art in Cleveland??

Steve Reed said...

I think this is also Mooshika, by the way -- from my India trip last year.

Baino said...

Sounds fantastic and made all the better with good friends and fine food. I'm always envious when bloggers meet up, mine are all so far away. Great shots as always.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

cg - ruth??? is there another friend who got to see hc-b - or are you psychic and know alice's middle name is RUTH!

barb- thanks for dropping in on the mouse, happy you enjoyed the virtual tour

roy - oh yeah!!! more mice to come-right across the walkway from miles grave is duke ellington. a very lovely spot for him and his family under a shady tree.

steve - i would love to do a walking tour of cleveland's street art with you - much of it is confined to the areas around the train lines and i have yet to get down and walk along the tracks, i'm hesitant to do it alone - the couple times i tried to go with friends, we had to cancel because of bad weather.

great picture from your india travels! definitely mooshika!

baino - hope you will get opportunities to have some blogger meet ups! they are great!! perhaps you can do a tour of the u.s. after paris (etc).... there's always a futon available for traveling friends at our house!

Subby said...

Welcome back, kimy :)

Fantastic sunset shot!

karen said...

Fantastic fun for me....seeing all your wonderful photos of places I've never been to. Looks like you had great fun with some wonderful people.
Happy solstice!

Merle Sneed said...

It must be very cool to live in a civilized part of the world.

Ronda Laveen said...

Sounds like a Mouse-a-riffic trip. Welcome home. Happy solstice.

I'm diggin' on the Bobster.

ArtSparker said...

Wouldn't it have been something if our times had been close enough for you to find the stick I left?

Love the mouse deity- reminds me of Apollo Smitheus in "the End of Mr. Y'.

Anonymous said...

good sleuthing on the missing Alice! took a while to get my feet back on the ground today. your bff

Salty Miss Jill said...

This trip sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see more photos. :)

Watson said...

Thanks for sharing your journey to my "old stomping grounds" Kim! Like mooshika, you are a "giver of riches"