Sunday, June 6, 2010

back when I was 4

If you are possessed by an idea, you find it expressed everywhere, you even smell it.

Thomas Mann (6 june 1875 -1955) writer, social critic,
1929 Nobel Prize laureate

today is my daughter's birthday. it is so hard to believe that thirty-one years have passed. like most mothers, I remember the day of emma's birth as if it was yesterday. the morning em was born was surprisingly mild by fort worth, texas standards - the windows were open and bird song filled the room. a morning not that unlike the one here now, so many years and experiences later.

emma was born at home at (in)precisely eight-forty-five; in attendance was: my midwife; f, my husband & the future papa; alice, my lifelong best-friend; and patty, a friend who I asked to come in case we needed another set or hands and to document/photograph the event. one floor below was don, a friend who maybe because of this shared magical moment became another lifelong friend. later we learned don was calmly listening to all the activity going on above him waiting to join the group as soon as he heard the sound of an 'all clear' - which he determined would be the sound of the baby's first cry.

isn't it odd that a date can have such power to transport us back in time.

happy birthday emma - thank you for being the light of our lives!

continuing the tradition I started a few years ago; here's the cosmic word for june 6th:
If Your Birthday Is Today. You have a fine mind, however, you don't push your opinions on others. In fact, you're a visionary whose ideas are often beyond what most people can grasp. Some of you are eccentric; all of you are independent. You want to enlighten others about whatever you personally embrace. Your new year ahead is lighthearted, social, and excellent for partnerships.

photos: top - a rose for emma, cbg, june 2010; insert - em holding baby raccoon, back when she was four, litchfield, connecticut, 1983; me and emma modeling new t-shirts (each has particular animal significance to the wearer!), january 2010

back when I was 4, song written and performed by jeffrey lewis; short film created and directed by d.r. garrett and john densmore; for the vid, the role of jeffrey is played by john densmore.


Watson said...

from Daisy and Barbara

37paddington said...

Happy birthday, Emma! And also to her mom, who was working just as hard that day. joy!

Roy said...

Happy birthday Emma!

K. said...

Now, who is who in the picture?

Megan said...

Happy birthday to Em! It's my niece's birthday today, too!

Merle Sneed said...

Happy birthday to Emma! Gosh, that rose is spectacular.

karen said...

What an absolutely beautiful daughter...Happy birthday Emma. Lovely name too, btw.

Anonymous said...

Colin Emma..a blessing to us all! Truly a beautiful person in all respects..oxoxP

e. said...

thanks all!