Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ramblin' girl

I'm back! nothing like a vacation to recharge one's batteries and after ten days in the glorious pacific northwest I feel like I could power a village if not a small country.

we had a great time. I was just about completely off-line when it came to cyberspace while I was away so I fell completely behind with what is going-on among my friends in the bloggyhood. given all that is ahead to do now that I'm back (deadline, deadline, deadline - oh, and some more travel) please forgive me for not even attempting to catch up, rather I'll just return to my normal habits and drop in according to my regular, irregular ways.

as expected I took a ton of photos - even though I culled the snaps on an on-going basis, I still came home with over 1,400 images. yikes!!! not too surprising as regular visitors know I do take photos of everything!

no time to provide a full account of all our doings. suffice it to say we had fun. we visited quite a few old friends and made some new friends. we ate much, enjoyed local wines and brews - and since we were in the coffee capital of the known universe had lots of lovely blends. we soaked in the local culture and took lots of wonderful walks - those in towns and cities delighted me as I got my fill of great street art (I wish cleveland had a mural scene like they have out in the pnw) and those in the country were filled with spring beauty and were enough to satisfy the country mouse inside this city mouse. speaking (or would that be squeeking) of country mouse and city mouse here's a snap from one of the many highlights of our trip:

one reason we chose to go out west when we did was so we could attend the procession of the species - this was the sixteenth year olympia has held this wonderful, funky, community celebration of life on our fragile blue planet. if you would like to vicariously attend, you can go by visiting my flickr set here.

here's a few snaps capturing some of our rambles

we rambled around vineyards with some sheep

wandered along the oregon coast

checked out the pasture scene in skagit county washington (unfortunately the tulips were early this year, so missed out on that)

enjoyed hanging with some of our peeps and are grateful for everyone's hospitality (and generosity for putting us up for eight of the ten nights we were away!)

and discovered some new delightful microbrews

the only bummer was experiencing a traffic jam of epic proportions in portland which made us miss out on a planned rendezvous with seattle area blogging buds citizen k, premium t, and robin. oh well sh** (and traffic) happens....

tom paxton and pete seeger performing tom's first break away hit ramblin' boy (since it was pete's 91st birthday yesterday, I had to post another song with pete! never too much pete!!)

may all your ramblin' bring you joy!


Roy said...

Welcome back, Kimy! I love that shot of the Oregon coast.

tut-tut said...

Just beautiful!

California Girl said...

Nice to listen to Seeger and Paxton. Sweet song.

The photos are fun and the Oregon Coast is the killer. Was that taken late in the day? I like the way the sun plays across the cliffs.

Coffee Messiah said...

Welcome back!

While we were house watching in Seattle, we did as you. Was a wonderful time and, food, drink (coffee) and fresh water ; )

BTW, whenever Paxton is in the bay area, he stays with my friend David Maloney. Sadly, I never met him there back in the day, only Jim Post (Reach Out In The Darkness also known as Friend And Lover, he wrote the song), who now is in Galena, Illinois and plays a pretty good show playing/singing Mark Twain.


Marilynne said...

We're jetting over most of California, all of Oregon, and visiting that land of legendary coffee this summer. I love your pictures. I'm sure I've probably been many of those places myself, though I've never taken that many photos. Thanks.

Megan said...

Mice on parade!

Welcome home, Mouse. Wonderful selection here - how did you ever choose among so many?!?

Looking forward to more and will visit the slideshow tomorrow...

mouse (aka kimy) said...

aw, it's so hard to come home time spent in the land that i really, really love! in the spirit of stephen stills song if i can't be in the ecosystem i love, i'll just love the ecosystem i'm in!!

c.g. the photo was taken in late morning

c.m. - wow, less than six degrees of separation!

marilynn - thanks for dropping by - have a lovely vacation this summer!

megan - couldn't decide which of the procession pictures to post - almost went with the one of the naked mole rat!! ha ha!

Watson said...

Welcome back Mouse! Where is the mural located? Glad you enjoyed your holiday. The Oregon coast is one of my favourite places...great photo.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

daisy the mural is in eugene oregon. great town for murals and other things!!!

ArtSparker said...

The Oregon Coast is wonderful. I once lived in Eugene and painted a very small mural, a huge cat on the house of a friend who allergic to them, then I took a photo of him coming nervously around the corner. But whether the negative still exists I don't know.

37paddington said...

mouse, great pics, especially that mural! Your ramble through the pacific northwest sounds divine. welcome home!

Baino said...

I didn't realise Washington was so flat! Definitely tripping over to Flickr on the weekend. Is it Seattle that's famous for coffee? Living and learning here! Welcome back.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

baino - washington state has it all - mountains, hills, valleys, flat pasture land, desert, rainforest, volcanos, glaciers, etc. etc

artspark - if you can remember the street that your mural was on email it to me....heck it may still be up! i'll check it out

angela - divine it was!! i do say that area is nirvana...hey it has it all!

moondustwriter said...

Thanks for the field trip
Lovely shots

Glad you are back too


Jingle said...

you are so rich in pink here,
admirable post!

Anonymous said...

The mice on procession, what a great shot! Ali