Monday, April 12, 2010

monday, monday

I am coming off what seems like a particularly full and wonderful weekend. the weekend was so full that I didn't get a chance to make my rounds reading all the sepia saturday posts or begin to respond to all the nice comments on my own sepia saturday post! and theme thursday players were probably thrown off their game when sunday came and went a no new theme was posted; me thinks the rest of the tt committee was also having a particularly full weekend - I just hope it was equally wonderful.

so what made the weekend wonderful? well, to begin with beautiful springlike weather returned; last thursday and friday it felt as if winter might be coming back. but 'twas but a tease. and we had the extra pleasure of having a dog around the house - since em was away this weekend, f and I got to have our 'grandpup' over from friday morning until sunday evening. the cats don't mind sharing the house with dixie - with the exception of tsuki, who doesn't mind hanging with dixie, the cats stay on the second floor and let dixie have the run of the first floor.

along with dixie I also got some extra time with ms. t on friday and saturday - which is always fun. ms t liked having a canine playmate around. however, saturday ms t and I left dixie with f and we took off to spend a good part of the day at the cleveland museum of natural history. I was interested in checking out the exhibit on balto before it leaves. there was also a very interesting interactive exhibit on aging which even 4-1/2 year old ms t enjoyed! along with the usual collection of stuffed animals and dinosaur bones the natural history museum also houses a small collection of live animals that have been rescued and rehabilitated from various injuries and accidents - and you can get very close to most of these critters.

we were thinking sunday was going to be a rainy and cloudy day, so f and I made arrangements to leave dixie with lin and her dog matilda for a few hours so we could head off to a matinee. on friday the girl with dragon tattoo opened. both f and I read the book and we were anxious to see the movie; we were not disappointed - the film was terrific and it stayed very faithful to the book. even though the movie clocks in at just over 2-1/2 hours it never dragged. in fact, the film moved along at quick pace - the filmmakers did an amazing job creating a work which brings the viewer into the hunt right alongside lisbeth and mikael.

I understand from the portal of all knowledge that all three of larsson's books have been adapted to movies. in many parts of europe all three films have already been released. I wonder how long we are going to have to wait for the second film? not to mention the third! f and I have read the first two books and are eagerly waiting for the release of number three. although the girl who kicked the hornets nest came out in sweden in 2007, it isn't scheduled to be released here until may 25th - what's with that!! I don't know what the politics of the international movie or book industries are, but wouldn't it be lovely if we were all on the same schedule?

well speaking of schedule. it is monday and I do have a schedule to keep, so I best get on with the day!

the mamas and the papas mega hit from 1966

photos: top-one of the many crocheted trees and other objects around cleveland and cleveland heights; insert - balto beer! although no longer available, akron's thirsty dog brewing company did once make a lager named in honor of this heroic dog. april 2010


K. said...

Can't trust that day! How about this!

ArtSparker said...

Love the guerrilla knitting.

California Girl said...

thanks for the recommendation because I've heard conflicting things about the book but it sounds like I'd enjoy it.

Subby said...

Simply gorgeous here, as well :)

But "Balto" beer?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

k - love that rendition, but herb is hot!

as - i think junk posted a pic recently of some guerrilla knitting in his hood

cg - the books are dark and very violent, so be warned, but they are also finely wrought novels with the most alluring characters! i'm hoping the rumor of a fourth book is true.

subby - never tried it and it appears never will.

Tom said...

yup, the warm days are coming around, and a very dry spring so far.

that looks like a Dr. Suess

Alan Burnett said...

Sounds like a first class weekend to me. I have heard very good things about the "Dragon Tattoo" movie from others and therefore I must make a point of seeing it as I loved the books.

Betty said...

Love the crocheted tree. What fun. The book's been recommended to me, too, so must read it.

Reya Mellicker said...

That is such a great song. I haven't listened to it in ages. Thanks, Kim.

So glad you had a wonderful weekend. Spring is a time to get active - you're doing it all! Just as it should be.

Unknown said...

Any movie with Noomi Rapace is a must see. And I can easily picture Michalis Koutsogiannakis as Dragan.

I thought of you when I saw/listened to "Natalie Merchant sings old poems to life," at TED. She put poems from the 19th century to music and sings wonderfully: