Friday, March 5, 2010

everyone's gone to the movies

the mouse is off on a wee wander.

I will miss sepia saturday this week. but, I have sepia saturday on mind and I plan to mine the photo boxes at my folks. perhaps, I will unearth some new sepia saturday treasures.

lots of movie madness happening this weekend. I am so looking forward to watching the oscars with my fellow film buff mother rita - between the two of us we have seen most of the nominated films (aside from the shorts).

today we are catching a matinee of the new polanski film ghost writer. according to the buzz, who knows it might be on next year's oscar list! but then again, roman is a tad controversial.

with the cleveland international film festival coming up in a just a couple weeks, there is an additional dimension to the expression 'march madness' for the mouse.

hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!!

steely dan's 1975 song, everyone's gone to the movies. such a strange song - the melody is so happy and carefree and the lyrics so dark and disturbing. luckily, none of my movie watching has been with anyone who even vaguely resembles mr. lapage.


tony said...

I Love That Song.Enjoy Your Movies & have a fine weekend.

Roy said...

Have fun on your trip! I'm looking forward to more old family photos.

Anonymous said...

You should have a package waiting when you get back ;) Enjoy all and hugs, Kimy!

Tom said...

good trip...amazing, this is the first time i've ever seen Steely Dan their stuff.

Megan said...

Sounds like fun!

Dumdad said...

Have a great weekend. I would like to watch the Oscars but it's at an ungodly hour over here.

Meri said...

I hear that the new Polanksi is amazing. Tell me what you think.

lettuce said...

good to hear you're having a great time with your folks Kim.