Monday, February 22, 2010

was a sunny day

They never die, who have the future in them.

Meridel LeSueur (22 february 1900 - 1996) writer & social activist

explain it to me how is it already the last week of february! believe it on not I started off the weekend with such good intentions - I was going respond to the slew of sweet comments in response to the mouse's recent blogiversary, catch up on everyone's sepia saturday posts, and otherwise be a good cyberneighbor and then what should happen - sunny days!!!

we are coming off a stretch of four glorious sunny days - spring was definitely in the air this weekend. I know it's not long before spring officially arrives, but for the most part, that is just a date on the calendar; we can get snow around here well into april and it's not unheard of to have some of that white stuff fall in may.

but this weekend the signs were out. sunday morning, during a long luxurious hike in the nearby park, we encountered runners out en mass; chipmunks, who have been very scarce since november, were coming out in droves (okay, maybe not droves but I did count 5 chipmunks!) and even the birds seemed to be tweetering more loudly and more sweetly than usual. after leaving the park, our city route home took us along a particularly open and sunny stretch and what should we see but crocuses popping their pretty little heads out of the ground! be still my heart!

well, what can I say, all these distractions added up - no wonder my intentions to be a good bloggyhood bud went the way of most intentions, just a few more pavers in that ol' road. but thanks folks for the nice comments and good wishes and I'll be popping in and out playing catch as catch can.

today, the skies have returned to heavy gray, the forecast calls for sleet, snow, and freezing rain - but, that's okay, we had a lovely stretch of sunny days and a cosmic reminder that even though sometimes it may seem like endless winter, underneath it all an awakening is a happening!

what follows is the only vid I could find of simon singing his 1973 song was a sunny day; the vid actually contains two songs immediately following sunny day is learn to fall

photos: bench, rocky river reservation; crocuses on graber drive. 21 february 2010


Roy said...

No crocuses (croci?) around here; we still have some snow and ice around, and the temps still haven't managed to get much above 40ยบ. But we were sunny over the weekend, too, and still are today. Yeah, it can be distracting. Heh, heh! But snow would be an even bigger distraction for me, and I'm hoping there's still some left for us here this Winter (we're getting rain all week - Feh!).

Tess Kincaid said...

How can it possibly be, that we have more snow down here that you?! The drip of the icicles melting is a sign it's warming up, but there's still a foot of snow on the ground.

Alan Burnett said...

You have to make the best of those sunny days whilst they are here. Our sunny days have yet to come and even the poor birds are beginning to complain as wave after wave of snow and ice covers the ground. Paul Simon has always been perhaps my favourite lyricist - Sunny Day is one of his best songs (but there again, so are the other thousand or so)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

roy - that is the only spot where I encountered crocuses and methinks they had some help as everywhere else (unless it's been shoveled or plowed) it is snowy! I don't think we have hit 40 yet...but close on the two days when it got above freezing.

willow - it's still very snowy here, I live on cleveland's west side, lakewood to be exact, we don't have a foot (but 6-9 inches), but we are on the side of cleveland that doesn't get hit hard, the lake creates a phenomena where the west side of town has a microclimate that is milder - I expect the east side of town and south of here still probably has a foot or more of snow cover.

Kat Mortensen said...

I love the crackle of a turntable and needle! Thanks for that.
The song sounds like the old Simon and Garfunkel, "Cecelia". Ah! memories!

We haven't had the chipmunks yet, but we were out in shoes yesterday and it was very sunny. Today, we're back to winter weather and a light snowfall. C'est la guerre!


ArtSparker said...

The photo is wonderful, as one of the old rabbis said, "I'm only here for the weekend". What better reason to enjoy it?

Megan said...

Aw, Kim, you could never be a bad blog friend. Enjoy the sun while you can!

Meri said...

That kind of distraction is a necessity. Good for you for following the sun!

Baino said...

Ah alas, we lament the slowing of summer and the shortening of the days. It's still warm and light until about 8pm but it won't be for long . . nice to see your crocuses peeping through while our leaves are yellowing although at least everything is GREEN . .really green!

Steve Reed said...

We had very spring-like weather here too. I'm so bummed about this coming snow! Argh!