Tuesday, February 2, 2010

poetry slam: children

Always There Are The Children

and always there are the children

there will be children in the heat of day
there will be children in the cold of winter

children like a quilted blanket
are welcomed in our old age

children like a block of ice to a desert sheik
are signs of status in our youth

we feed the children with our culture
that they might understand our travail

we nourish the children on our gods
that they may understand respect

we urge the children on the tracks
that our race will not fall short

but our children are not ours
nor we theirs they are future we are past

how do we welcome the future
not with the colonialism of the past
for that is our problem
not with the racism of the past
for that is their problem
not with the fears of our own status
for history is lived not dictated

we welcome the young of all groups
as our own with the solid nourishment
of food and warmth

we prepare the way with the solid
nourishment of self-actualization

we implore all the young to prepare for the young
because always there will be children

Nikki Giovanni (b. 7 june 1943), poet, activist, author

february 2nd is known for many things: candlemas, groundhog day, (which is derived from of the pagan imbolc celebration of the goddess brigid), the celebration of yemanja- the sea goddess, world wetlands day, and the day many bloggers participate in a cyber poetry slam- thanks reya for reminding us of this poetic gathering - this is my third year participating. hope you enjoy nikki's poem and if you have any children in your life check out her book - she talk about it in the vid below

nikki giovanni on her children's book hip hop speaks to children

photo: ms. t and sam, july 2009


Roy said...

Heh, heh! Sam has a look on his face like "PLEASE say I don't have to kiss her!" Definitely cute kids.

Poetry tends to be outside my particular world, so I didn't know about it being cyber poetry slam day, and although I've heard of Nikkki Giovanni, I'd never seen any of her work. Thanks for taking me there!

Ronda Laveen said...

Lovely offering for Candlemas, Kim. Blessings to you in the coming light and my your muses be ever at your side. Namaste.

California Girl said...

I wrote a post about her just about this time last year. I saw her on Bill Moyers show and she blew me away. http://womenofcertainage.blogspot.com/2009/02/ego-tripping.html

Tom said...

oh, didn't know that about Groundhog Day. Well, Go Children! Show us how it's done!

...they can't do any worse.

rosedale's 4head said...

this is soooooo lovely. a fine mastress of blogging my dear - can never get enough of your stuff - such a big voice!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't know about this poetry thing but then...most of my posts revolve round that anyway, heh...

Interesting work here and way cute pic to accomodate :)

Merle Sneed said...

If we could bottle that phot and feed it to the world, we could end war once and for all.

eth said...

Hey, I know those cuties! The pic also brings back a warm sunny memory (even if mosquito laden). I recently started making an effort to read the kids more poetry - I'll check out NG's book.

Marinela said...

Really interesting work here.