Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bits & pieces

after spending most of the morning dealing with a labyrinthine phone tree system; navigating an ironically not very user-friendly website for our 'bundle' of services (phone, internet, television); and finally having to resort to talking directly with a tech support person (who incidentally was in the philippines), all so I could retrieve voice mails on an automated voice mail system, I feel I'm in bits and pieces.

now to go up to the studio and pull my bits and pieces together by working on some bits and pieces - the other day I got started on a new quilt. I love how a new work can get me in a zone.

today's photo is of gwen, she's sitting on the scraps from the shirts that will be used for the new quilt project. this project entails making a couple memory quilts, using fabric from dress shirts from a person who has passed away. a few years ago I made a four quilts for a family who were dealing with the loss of a much loved husband/father/son - it was one of the most gratifying projects I've ever done. this new pair of quilts will be very different than the ones I did for richard's family - fortunately the shirts I am working with this time are not cotton knit and therefore, I won't be as limited in terms of the pattern and design.

okay, off hopefully to get centered!

I remember when this was on the radio. dave clark five's (1964)


Reya Mellicker said...

My brain was in bits and pieces, until i decided to surrender to the weather. I give up. Let is snow!

Skip Simpson said...

That is a very nice thing you are doing. And cute kitty!

Ronda Laveen said...

I detest wading through the denziens of Hell in phone tree land. I end up feeling like I got pulled through the knot hole backward.

I DO remember when DC5's Bits and Pieces was on the radio.

Anonymous said...


you have lots of wonderful work since I last stopped by; I hope all is well.


North County Film Club said...

Oh wow, a theme song for our etsy shop- BitsAndPiecesEtc. I've never heard this song before. I found you through Sepia Saturday and really enjoyed your blog. I'll be following