Monday, January 18, 2010

tout moun se moun

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968) minister, civil-rights leader

almost a week has passed since the devastating earthquake in haiti bringing a new level of tragedy and disaster to a country and a people who have already had to endure more tragedy and disaster than seems possible. my heart is heavy. I can't stop thinking about all that needs to happen to help the people. the images and stories coming out of haiti are heartbreaking and the numbers of people affected are mind blowing and mind numbing: one report states that at least 140,000 people are presumed dead and over 3.5 million peoples lives have been turned upside down in haiti.

fortunately, people all over the world are responding to the tragedy in haiti - we can only hope that this response is not short-lived. it will take years and years for haiti to recover.

immediately after the earthquake, like many people, I was moved to give something to the relief effort. because I am aware of their work, I chose to give to partners in health, an organization with deep and established ties with haiti. as a result of this donation I am now receiving regular emails. I appreciate these emails as they provide accounts not readily available via mainstream media. however, there was reference to mainstream media through a link in this morning's email. it mentioned a segment which aired last night on 60 minutes, I missed last night's broadcast, but in this digital age, I was able to watch it this morning, if interested you can to check it out here. it is very powerful and I think underscores the wisdom of the quote I opened today's post with.

the people of haiti need sustaining light and love to help get them away from darkness created by the earthquake. shine some of your light and love on the cause and please give to established organizations such as partners in health, doctors without borders, madre, or the red cross (to name the groups that the mouse considers among the best) and keep on giving. we have to be in it for the long haul.

the haitian band zing experience and their song tout moun se moun (every person is a person)

photo: detail of painting by haitian artist y. seraphin

honor the spirit of martin luther king, jr
happy martin luther king, jr day!


Roy said...

Great song! I've never heard of this band before.

I've seen Seraphin's work before; some friends of mine here in Newport own a fair trade gift shop and carry a lot of Haitian stuff. They've been coordinating relief efforts in this area.

California Girl said...

Baino did a great post on a non profit called Shelterbox providing aid to areas in crises.

Baino said...

I read another blog this morning that posted an Al Jazeera piece saying that the US was 'invading' and that the UN wasn't actually doing much more than driving around in armoured vehicles. Bull if you ask me, I've seen more of those 'blue helmets' pulling people out of the rubble than not! Very annoyed I was. Let's hope they get cracking with aid distribution today. Great to see all the support on the blogs. Every little bit helps. As for wearing a ribbon at the Golden Globes . . .disgusting.

Ronda Laveen said...

Very well state, Mouse. Let's all shine the Light of help and hope. Blessings.

Kate Hanley said...

Very moving post. We gave through the Red Cross as I was unsure of any other charities that I trusted. I agree though, it will take years and years.

Megan said...

Doctors Without Borders got my little bit, as they always do whenever I have a little bit.

You are the bestest, Mouse!

RobinB said...

Thanks for posting the 60 Minutes post--I hadn't seen it. So glad to see Paul Farmer alive and well. After recently reading Mountains Beyond Mountains I truly believe if anyone can help Haiti, it's him.