Friday, January 8, 2010

times they are a changin'

The survival of democracy depends on renunciation of violence and the development of nonviolent means to combat evil and advance the good.
A.J. Muste (8 january 1885 - 1967) pacifist and activist

in honor of the anniversary of muste's birth and because the snap was taken at gather 'round farm, today's song is bob's classic the times they are a changin' - bob has been on my mind since the clever pup reminded us yesterday about how fond bob was for polka dot shirts! sorry the vid ends so abruptly, but dontcha love how young bob is!

photo: gather 'round farm, december 2009


Coffee Messiah said...

he's still young at heart, although you'd never know it from looking at him. still going' and nice shot!


Rondell said...

He alright. I'm more of an Al Green kind of gal.

Roy said...

Hmmm... Never heard of A.J. Muste; I'll have to read up on him.

I love that big sign in the photo. How cool is that?

Steve Reed said...

What a great sign! I hadn't heard of AJ Muste either, but he certainly has words of wisdom.

I love Bob Dylan as a songwriter, but I'm not crazy about his singing.