Friday, January 29, 2010

gonna get through this world

(D)issent and protest are divisive, but in a good way... they represent accurately the real divisions in society. Those divisions exist - the rich, the poor - whether there is dissent or not, but when there is no dissent, there is no change. The dissent has the possibility not of ending the division in society, but of changing the reality of the division. Changing the balance of power on behalf of the poor and the oppressed
Howard Zinn
(August 24, 1922 – January 27, 2010)

because zinn has long been a source of inspiration and admiration, I have read many tributes and obituaries over the last couple days; this reflection by james carroll, a columnist for the boston globe, best captures why so many of us are drawn to professor zinn: "Howard had a genius for the shape of public morality and for articulating the great alternative vision of peace as more than a dream. But above all, he had a genius for the practical meaning of love."

thank you professor zinn. rest in peace.

today's song makes me think of professor zinn. lisa gutkin of the klezmatics, performs woody guthrie's gonna get through this world. woody wrote this song in 1945, however it took until 2003 before the world would hear it. after woody's death in 1967, his daughter nora established the woody guthrie archive in order to keep woody's music alive. since 1998 nora has worked with a variety of musicians to set music to many of the songs woody wrote that are in the archive. the klezmatics cd wonder wheel is the most recent of these collaborations. (youtube has another version of this song but you have to go here to listen/see it).

photo: snap from page 260 of a people's history of american empire (2008) - a graphic history book, by howard zinn, mike konopacki (illustrator) and paul buhle (editor). the book is part of the american empire project


Megan said...

Thanks, Mouse.

Coffee Messiah said...

The Dem-Now reflection had interviews with Chomsky and others reflecting on Zinn.......I didn't see the other program and thought this was put together after he died.

Getting ready to scram and yes, it's 11 right now with a mild wind chill. Heat wave soon, in the 30s ; )


Barry said...

I came looking for Sepia Saturday but I think I've found something better.

A wonderful tribute to Howard Zinn! Thank you.