Tuesday, December 15, 2009

first snow on brooklyn

I'm back!

nyc was particularly magical - not only was the city all decked out for the holidays, but one magical thing after another keep happening.

I started hilary mantel's wolf hall on the train going out, I didn't read while in the city (too much going on) but still I've almost completed this wonderful literary romp through the life of thomas cromwell. if what mantel writes truly mirrors historic fact, I've learned so much. if it doesn't reflect reality, it's still a marvelous read, unfortunately, the downside to reading historical fiction away from the internet is the lack of being able to verify factoids.

friday I amused myself with a visit to brooklyn and a trip to the mta transit museum. for years I've tried to convince family and friends to go with me to 'the subway museum', no one was interested. go figure. so this trip I decided to visit the museum by myself. I had a grand time. okay, I am the mass transit geek - which probably explains why I get along so well with children under the age of 6 (don't they all adore thomas the train?) - geez, if I don't watch it I may very well become one of those trainspotters (or railfans) in my dotage.

friday night before alice from washington state arrived (alice's trip east was the whole raison d'ĂȘtre for this trip east) I had the good fortune to meet up with a couple blog buds - steve and gary. 'twas great fun.

once alice arrived the fun and frivolity continued - alice and I have been friends for over 36 years so in addition to fun and frivolity there was also great depth to our time together.

on saturday alice and I headed were again brooklyn bond (btw, we were staying with friends in manhattan north of the gw bridge). our intention was to simply go to the brooklyn museum; alice hadn't seen judy's dinner party installation in decades and we were most interested in checking out the exhibit who shot rock & roll. prior to the museum we wandered through the farmer's market at grand army plaza. then as we were walking by the brooklyn public library I said why don't we ditch in for a sec to see what it's like inside.
who would have known that inside the library was celebrating the 40th anniversary of sesame street. I was in heaven to say the least! click here for a wee flickr set of the brooklyn library's focusing on sesame street artifacts (14 pics).
we left the libraryto find ourselves surrounded by an amazing parade of santas and other holiday characters - when asked participants informed us that the santa convention was courtesy of santacon. it was completely wild and crazy! for the mouse's set of pics from this rocking and randy convergence go here.

after the hanging with the santas it was time to get serious and head into the museum.... and of course that too rocked. and the magic continued with lucking out and catching a gallery tour conducted by none other than gail buckland, the curator of the show.

alas, the witching hour is upon me and my eyes are crossing. I had little sleep last night (train arrived in cleveland at 3:30 AM this morning)so it's time to crash. perhaps if you are lucky (or unlucky) more to come tomorrow......

the sweet song first snow on brooklyn from the jethro tull christmas album - vid by teiska123, thanks whomever you are!


Alan Burnett said...

Hope we are lucky. It is always a pleasure learning about trips to - what for me - are exotic places.

Roy said...

Welcome back, Kim! Looks like you had a good time in the Big Apple. No snow here yet, alas!

Tom said...

NY looks cold, but fun...awe, you got to meet Burt & Ernie...are they as nice in person as they seem on the tube?

ArtSparker said...

there's no place like New York City - sounds like it was fun.

Angella Lister said...

glad you had a great time in new york! it does indeed sound magical, your weekend. sorry i missed you this time, but maybe next time you're in the city, we can have that coffee. welcome home.

Gary said...

I am glad that you enjoyed your vist. I was wonderful seeing you again.

Hope you are reading this after a nice rest. xoxo

Alice said...

Thanks for posting santa pix, got to show Gail which was much more fun than just the lame descriptions I have been attmepting.