Saturday, October 24, 2009

mary had a little lamb II

We are all children in our strife to seize
Each petty pleasure, as it lures the sight,
And like the tall tree swaying in the breeze,
Our lofty wishes stoop their tow'ring flight,
Till when the prize is won it seems no more
Than gather'd shells from ocean's countless store,
And ever those who would enjoyment gain
Must find it in the purpose they pursue.
Sarah Josepha Hale (b. 24 october 1788 -1879) writer, and influential editor

sarah josepha hale is probably best known as the author of the childhood classic mary had a little lamb and as the person most responsible for making thanksgiving a national holiday.

guitarist and bluesman buddy guy jamming out with mary had a little lamb; some of you may remember that earlier this month I posted a vid of stevie ray vaughan playing the does lend itself to some great guitar riffs - expect ol' sarah would be quite surprised on how far her little poem has traveled!

photo: ms. a in her lamb-like vest early october 2009 couple days before the squirrel pulled down the backyard prayer flags for winter insulation


Marianna said...

Lovely picture! Childhood is precious while it lasts :)

enjoy your weekend!

Roy said...

Whew! That woke my morning up! Nothing like a little Buddy Guy before 9 am. Thanks!

And I hadn't realized there was a specific author to "Mary Had a Little Lamb"; I'd always assumed it was a folk song that emerged from the mists of time. Interesting.

mum said...

Buddy, Buddy, Buddy - I do love his style. Cool version. Nice afternoon break, thanks kim.

Merle Sneed said...

Definitely not you mother's Mary. Love the vid.

ArtSparker said...

Sometimes we appreciate the small unsought for pleasures more than the prizes gained after immense longing.

John Hayes said...

Thanks! We're big Sarah Josepha Hale fans too--especially Eberle, who's working up a song about her! Love Buddy Guy too.