Tuesday, October 6, 2009

glass, concrete, stone

Our own epoch is determining, day by day, its own style. Our eyes, unhappily, are unable yet to discern it.
Le Corbusier (b. 6 october 1887-1965) architect, designer, urbanist

david bryne's glass, concrete, stone (live in holland)

photo: apartment designed by le corbusier, paris october 2005


mum said...

a discovery for me.


cheers to you, kim.

Anonymous said...

I'm still looking...

And hadn't heard this one before so thanks kimy! You rock ;)

Roy said...

That's certainly an interesting looking apartment building. Since it's Le Corbusier, the inside is undoubtedly much more interesting than the outside, though - lots of light and air, with his open floor plans. It would be interesting to live in one of those, I think.

David Byrne still has it. I hadn't heard this before, and I find it interesting. I hope he hasn't left his R&B roots behind, though! And BTW, that's not live in Holland, that's live on the Jools Holland Show, which is out of Great Britain.