Wednesday, October 21, 2009

and then she stopped

It is above all by the imagination that we achieve perception and compassion and hope.
Ursula K. Le Guin (b. 21 October 1929) writer

I'm back, at least in body.

our little sojourn to new york was wonderful, albeit way too brief. the drive out on thursday was surreal considering that it snowed almost the entire drive. yes, snow - mid october and it was snowing, not only that but the landscape in parts of pennsylvania looked as if it was january; I kept expecting to see skiers on the slopes.

fortunately snow in october is a short-lived phenomenon; the drive back to cleveland a few days later was snowfree and memorable for autumnal splendor which guided our way home.

the purpose of our trip was to attend a wedding of two dear friends - actually, saturday's wedding was a 're-up nup' the first ceremony took place in massachusetts a few weeks ago, where our friends could became legally married! yeah!! august's ceremony was very small, but saturday our friends pulled out all the stops. friends and family from near and far came together to bear witness and take part in a beautiful, touching and joyous ceremony. although same-sex marriages are recognized in new york, new york does not yet perform them. hopefully it is just a matter of time before same-sex marriages will be recognized and performed in all the states and in all the countries of the world. for this little mouse, the ability to marry who one loves is a basic civil right!

this trip to new york we stayed in harlem with a friend who recently moved to the city; generally we stay at the home of the 'bridal couple' when we visit, but needless to say, that wasn't going to happen this time. although I've walked through harlem before, this weekend we had more time to explore the neighborhood in more depth. talk about walking streets steeped in history.

speaking of exploring, one of the highlights of friday's activities was checking out the rubin museum of art. wow! last march when we were in new york, we walked by the rubin and popped into the museum, however, instantly realized we didn't have enough time to do the museum justice. I'm really glad we postponed checking out the museum; one of the exhibits we saw on friday was on carl jung's red book. this exhibit which opened earlier this month marks the first public presentation "of what may be considered psychology’s most influential unpublished work."

I wasn't able to snap any photos of the special exhibits but I did take some photos on the floor which houses some of the museum's amazing permanent collection. for a little view inside the museum, check out my flickr set from the museum.

our time was somewhat limited and we only had time for visiting one museum, but next trip, you can be sure I'll be checking out the new museum. friday night we walked by it and just based on the building, I can already tell I'm gonna love it. and then again, sorry to sound like new york's tourist campaign, but, I love new york.

It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.
Ursula Le Guin

had to add another le guin quote. I love le guin's books - I only learned today that this year is the 40th anniversary of her classic the left hand of darkness. I hope I can find my copy of the book, it's probably been thirty years since I've read it; I'd say it's time for a re-read. too bad I didn't realize this factoid when we were picking books for my bookgroup's year of reading!

along with being ursula k. le guin's birthday, today is also the birthday of jazz great dizzy gillespie (21 october 1917 - 1993) today's song is 1966 version of the dizzy gillespie quintet playing this happy little tune.

photos: top-ugo rondinone's sign installation on the outside of the new museum; insert snow in pa; bottom - rubin museum


ArtSparker said...

It doesn't surprise me that you appreciate Le Guin, a writer distinguished by the personal integrity in her work.

Steve Reed said...

Congratulations to your friends! Are these the women I met when you were here last time?

I've never been to the Rubin, believe it or not. I have no idea what I'm waiting for!

tut-tut said...

Well, hello Kim! Does sound too brief. How funny; I was just reading about a book, Home Girl, by Judith Matloff about buying and fixing up a house in west Harlem.

Oh dear: my WV is cryin!

Dumdad said...

I read an Ursula Le Guin novel when I was a boy - can't remember the title - but remember enjoying it. I really should read some more!

Roy said...

Heh, heh! I kept waiting for Moody to crack up at the beginning of the tune; that bit with the phrase played by Dizzy followed by three notes from the sax and three from the piano was a little comic routine Diz and Moody worked out, and Moody always cracks up so easily! Thanks for posting the clip!

I didn't realize that one of my favorite musicians and my absolutely favorite author shared the same birthday. I think I just created a new Holy Day in my personal liturgical calendar!

Congratulations to your friends.

Baino said...

Couldn't agree more about same sex marriage. Nothing to do with the state. Governments should stick to governing not making moral judgements on such things. Love the snowscape! And thanks for the photo! It will go on my wonder wall at work if I decide to stay . . .bit iffy about it at the moment.

37paddington said...

You really were in my neck of the woods this past weekend. We may have passed one another on the street! Thanks for the reminder about the Rubin show of Jung's Red Book. I had been meaning to see it and in the crush of everyday life had all but forgotten! And the New Museum too. You're reintroducing my city to me. It's always fun to see it through other eyes. One gets to appreciate it anew!

Congratulations to your friends! Loved your post.

Alan Burnett said...

Glad you had a good trip to NY (a place which is definitely on my list of places to go to. Loves the Dizzy video which has been added to my YouTube favourite list.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

as - and I'm so happy le guin is still publishing!

steve - yes they be those women you met!! I will pass on your congratulations. hope you make it to the rubin soon, if I lived in ny I'd definitely be a member - their special exhibits were great.

tut - putting matloff's book on my must read list! what a great project that would be...anyone out there interested in funding a certain mouse to follow suit?

dd - ah she has so many books and as far as I'm concerned they are all great

roy - ;) thanks for the bits about moody...glad to have helped you designate some holy days!

baino - sorry the (new) job is iffy...yikes! like this wonder wall concept - will try and snap a shot of the bainbridge town sign next time I'm near!

angela - maybe you and steve can make an appointment to check out the rubin together! :) I will pass along your congratulations! thank you.

alan - when you go, give me the head's up! if you are a city lover you won't be disappointed!