Wednesday, September 30, 2009

z is for zed

z is for zed, the 26th and final letter of the basic modern latin alphabet.

according to the portal of all knowledge (aka wikipedia), zed can also refer to:
  • Zed (band), a pop-rock group from New Zealand.
  • ZeD, a Canadian variety television series
  • Zed (Kiba), the main character of the anime series Kiba
  • Lord Zedd, the villain of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • Chief Zed, the head of MIB in Men in Black (film)
  • Zed or Djed, an ancient Egyptian symbol for stability
  • Zed, slang for zombie in the novel World War Z
  • Zed, a character in the movie Zardoz
  • Zedd, a character in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind, whose full name is Zeddicus Zul Zorrander
  • Zed, a character in the video game Wild Arms
  • Zed, a character in the movie Pulp Fiction
  • Zed, the central character in the movie Killing Zoe
  • Zed, the main villain in the video game Zombie Revenge
  • Zed, a robotic villain in the series SWAT Kats
  • Zed, a character in the film and animated series Police Academy
  • Zed, a character in the film "Back to the Beach"
  • Zed, a fictional robot in The Ed and Zed Show
  • The Zeds, characters in the Dr. Seuss's book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
  • Zed (company), a company that markets entertainment products to the mobile phone industry
  • Zed card or comp card, a "portfolio on a card" used by models and actors
  • Zed, a Cirque du Soleil production in Japan
  • Zed, a text editor for UNIX
  • Zed (1995-2000), a defunct annual design journal edited by Katie Salen
  • The Zed or Kawasaki Z1000, a motorcycle
  • ZED, a zero energy development building
  • The Zed Runners, a biker gang in the original Mad Max
  • Zonal Employee Discount, a multilateral agreement for reduced rate personal travel by airline employees
  • Rajan Zed, an Indo-American Hindu statesman
and zed or zedo is the term for grandfather that my family of origin sometimes uses when a man becames a grandfather. my father goes by zed, his father, however, went by grandpap, but grandpap's father was called zedo.

the photo above is of four generations of yanoshik men all named stephen! from left to right: my uncle stef (with his son on lap), grandpap, and zedo. photo taken in 1949.

me with my mom and dad who we now call zed. taken this year at my dad's 86th birthday party.

z is also for zorro, thanks to sesame street, which ms t and I watched yesterday I learned that zorro is the spanish word for fox. even at my advanced age I can still learn things from sesame street!

this particular fox lives at cleveland's museum of natural history. the museum takes in animals that have been injured and can no longer live in the wild. yes, that is snow on the ground, this photo was taken in january on a visit to the museum.

zz top performing sharp dressed man


ArtSparker said...

My mind went right to Sean Connery with long flowing locks...

mum said...

I didn't know that about the meaning of zorro and I didn't know about the Cirque du Soleil show called Zed. (The other stuff I didn't know either but those two grabbed my attention).

ZZ - the long flowing beards just make the song.

Anonymous said...

Interseting to note on the family Zed name thing and great list compilation, kimy :) Back to the video after seeing to that fox( vixen? )

Roy said...

Interesting. Is zed/zedo a Slavic term for elder or patriarch?

Gee, I haven't listed to ZZ Top in years. I wonder if those beards are real?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

as - sean saves any movie for me.... zardoz is definitely among sir sean's strangest movies.... it has been decades since I've seen it, hmmmm wonder if the library has a copy of it! would be fun to watch again, talk about camp!!

mum- i keep trying to talk f into growing his beard out like the guys on zz top and he has told me maybe after he retires...

subby - quite a vixen!!

roy - as far as I know zedo is a common name among various eastern european groups for grandfathers but I don't know if it is literally grandfather - someone once said it just means 'old man' - (or dzedo) my family's ancestry is slovak and czech. do we have any mouse readers who know, mum????

all my great grandparents were called zedo and baba - I have remarked that if I ever became a grandmother I would like to go by baba - which incidently horrifies my 'family of creation' - baba mouse - one just doesn't encounter many baba's these days!

those beards have to be real, if not I'll be crushed!!

xxx baba mouse

Sandra Leigh said...

Weird. I, too,learned yesterday that zorro is Spanish for fox. I think it was a Jeopardy clue. We are never too old to learn - from any source.

Lovely photographs.

e said...

Interesting as always, Mouse!

Alan Burnett said...

So what on earth is going to happen now that you have got to z? Its been an enjoyable series, I hope you have something planned to follow it up with.

Michael Rawluk said...

Hmmm. Zed Zed Top.
In King Lear, Z is used as an insult. "Whoresome zed."

Ronda Laveen said...

When ever I hear Zed, I think of the Zed in Pulp Fiction and Bruce Willis telling his girlfrien, "Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead."

Zed was a very, very bad man in that flick.