Friday, September 25, 2009

u is for understanding

Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding the third

Marge Piercy (b. 1936)novelist, essayist, and poet

unbelievable that we are nearing both the end of the alphabet and the end of september! to say this month has flown by quickly would be an understatement!

u is also for union! if u are like me and like weekends, well we have the unions to thank!!

from U1TV the following vid includes unique archival footage and an utterly wonderful version of which side on you on? by the dropkick murphys (the song starts 36 seconds) I've always been partial to billy's version of this classic union song, but now I'm uncertain, the dropkick murphys version rocks........

photo: ms t under her umbrella, august 2009


Anonymous said...

The Dropkick Murphys are a blast and a local band, round here! Cool take on the tune. And a most wonderful snap of Ms. T :)

As for the unions, I'm up in the air about them. Corporations could care less now that they can get away with all the out-sourcing. We've had a couple disbanded due to low enrollment and take-overs. Most of us are now working part time in what used to be full time jobs. All in the name of the "bottom line". The "BIG THREE" have got to be one of the biggest examples of corporations snubbing the unions...

California Girl said...

I ended up listening to several versions on youtube. I liked them all. Pete Seeger's I remember, tho' so I gotta go w/ Pete.

Brings back my Women's Studies classes and reading Mother Jones and having my wild young thoughts. As I age, those wild young thoughts are coming back with a vengeance.

Roy said...

Interesting take on an old song. Subby has a point about the current state of the unions. There's another aspect to this, as well: a lot of the bigger, older, more entrenched unions - like the Teamsters and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers - have become another form of "establishment" which screws the workers as badly as the corporations. I've been talking to UPS drivers, Teamsters all, for years now (as a retailer I saw them every day), and they were equally disgusted with both UPS and the union. For my own part, I know about the IAMAW because I once worked on the assembly line for a company that made electronic components, and the job was a closed-shop job so I had to join the union to work there. All the union did was collect dues; we got diddly squat done for us by them, except for vending machines in the break room.

The modern labor movement needs a second revolution, to kick out the professional politicians who run the unions now and get back to being run by the workers. Union leadership these days is nothing more than a repeat of the whole corporate CEO racket - they collect incredible salaries and do squat for the rank and file. That needs to change.

Megan said...

Happy weekend to you too, Kim! I too am utterly shocked at how fast September has flown by.

LOVE Dropkick Murphys!

mum said...

I'm on the side of ms T! :-)

Seriously though, subtorp 77 and Roy both make valid points. I worked for unions and fought for unions. Without them, a lot of things we take for granted would never have come to be. Yet, many of them have now become entrenched in corporate game-playing or have drifted so far from their initial values they simply don't want to address real issues anymore.

I don't know what the solutions are and sometimes I even wonder if there are any. But the fact remains that change only happens when people use their right to speak out as something other than their right to blow off steam. No matter what the social circumstances, things only change when people do that - whether it means taking on the union, the boss, City Hall - or sometimes, all three.

That said, it's also nice to be able to stop and smell the roses - or pick the dandelions - from time to time :-)

cheers to you and yours, kimy

lettuce said...

hadn't come across the Dropkick Murphys - excellent stuff.

we so easily take for granted so much that other people fought for in the past.

and our so-called "Labour" party is still doing nothing really about all the self-serving self-perpetuating games still going on in the financial sector...

Ms. T seems to be displaying just little glimpses of young ladyness mixed in with the little girlness. Its a lovely picture of her.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

subby -I'd love see see the dropkick murphy's live...I have an album (well cd) of theirs and love it. I missed them when they visited cleveland this summer. maybe they will be back next summer and who knows maybe the cleveland irish festival will sign them up for one of the celtic rock stages! that would be fun.

cg - I listened to a bunch of versions also - of course I adore pete and pete's version... I'm anxious to learn if the campaign to have pete nominated for this year's nobel peace prize was successful, I haven't heard a thing!

mother jones was an amazing person - glad to hear those young, wild thoughts are coming back with a vengeance!! don't know if mine ever went away, which at times drives f nuts as he's not as radical as he once was in terms of some issues (but in terms of the ones that really count, he still is! so I can't complain as we share core values and ideals - probably explains why we're still together after living together for 33 years)

roy & subby - re unions you make good points, mum's take on unions is the same as mine and she so beautifully articulates our shared point of view. as an ideal and a construct, I am still pro-union but there are some unions in particular that need to be 'reformed' ....the dark side (greed, cronyism, etc) is way too alluring and some union high-ups have been corrupted as easily and frequently as the high-ups in politics, corporations, the church, etc. .... but don't get me started!!

megan - the dropkick murphy's are gonna be in your neck of the woods this fall!!!! hope you get to see them.

lettuce - they have toured the uk and other places in europe in the past, so expect they will return! good luck to the labour party...the hegemonic power of multinational greed and control is a difficult nut to crack!

Anonymous said...

kimy, I've heard 'em play in-studio, on the radio and they're pretty good. You'll obviously find a lot of their songs relating to Boston and Massachusetts( they are alocal band and labelled as "Punk Rock" ). I hear they put on one heck of a show!

Anonymous said...

lovely post. thank you for sharing : D

Angella Lister said...

She is so gorgeous, this child. What a face. And halleluia for weekends! I certainly second that.