Saturday, September 5, 2009

d is for dog

Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.

Agatha Christie* (1890-1976) queen of the detective novel

d is for dog. it wasn't difficult deciding what d word to feature since there's an adorable new dog in the extended family!

the other day there was an interesting story on npr about how dogs are developmentally similar to 10 month old babies. researchers have demonstrated that dogs and babies make the same 'a-not-b error; although dogs don't always make the same mistake as their behavior is dependent on how many humans are involved in the experiement.

the radio piece concluded with the statement that "it is important that we understand how dogs think about us,because we have 70 million of these animals in our homes in the United States — more dogs than we have children."

according to this resource, the u.s. is the country with the largest population of pet dogs in the world -rounding out the top 10 are: 2. brazil 3. china 4. japan 5. russia 6. south africa 7. france 8.italy 9. poland 10. thailand .

curious about cats? the u.s remains no. 1 followed by 2. china 3. russia 4. brazil 5. france 6. italy 7. u.k. 8. ukraine 9. japan 10. germany

I'd be interested in seeing how these demographics break down per capita, unfortunately, that information doesn't seem readily available.

ms. t and hawkeye are mutually delighted!

dixie and hawkeye hard at play

of course, today's song is who let the dogs out

according to the portal of all knowledge:
"Who Let the Dogs Out?" is a song written and originally recorded by Anslem Douglas for Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival season of 1998. It was heard and taped on a float by hairdresser Keith from the London salon Smile, who played it to Jonathan King, who recorded it and released it under the name Fatt Jakk and his Pack of Pets. It then came to the attention of King's friend Steve Greenberg, who produced it with a group he was promoting called The Baha Men. The Baha Men covered the song and placed it in the movie Rugrats in Paris: The Movie and then released it as a single in 2000, when it became the band's first hit in the US and the UK. It reached #40 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and #2 on the UK Singles Chart. It was the 4th biggest-selling single of 2000 in the UK. It was also a big hit in Australia, where it reached #1. The track went to win the Grammy for Best Dance Recording on the 2001 Grammy Awards.

*did you know that september 13 - 20 is christie week!


Alan Burnett said...

From one dog-lover to another. Your words are wise and your pictures are divine. Have I already missed a, b and c? If so I will have to track back.

mum said...

what a sweetie. Best to Hawkeye and family.

(great balls of fire! Agatha has a website? Does she also Twitter and Facebook?)

cheers, kimy.

Anonymous said...

kimy that pic of Ms.T and Hawkeye is just too cute for words! Awesome new addition :) And thanks much for the new earworm-LOL!

Tom said...

Woof! Me and Toby can't wait for e.

Skip Simpson said...

Awww... cute doggie! Loved your post!

Roy said...

Heh, heh! Hawkeye's definitely a cutie! I have two friends who each own a Jack Russell apiece. I was playing with one of them, my buddy Mark's best friend Leo, yesterday out at Brenton Point. If you pet him, Leo is your friend for life. And if you sit in the front passenger seat of Mark's car Leo sits in your lap so he can look out the windshield.

What would we do without dogs?

My verification word is "hypsy". I wonder if that's a hip Gypsy?

rosedale's 4head said...

awww, kimy. i love these photos. max is so much better now and we are so happy to help take him away from the many dogs that end up stray, in the pound, and unwanted. he's so cute and is already getting into everything! including chewing my mint and serrano plants...eek!

tut-tut said...

Who knew there was that much back story to Who Let the Dogs Out?

Lovely pix

California Girl said...

what a great shot.

As an English Lit major in college, Agatha Christie was my go to author between semesters because I needed the break. I think I've read the majority of her books and they were all good.

e said...

Appreciate the backstory for the tune and little Miss and the doggie are simply adorable.
Happy Weekend Mouse!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

mum - you are cracking me up!! I can imagine agatha twittering from beyond the pale

who let the dogs out is a high risk tune for an earworm....sorry subby! but it is a fun one

roy - years ago I got hooked on wishbone - don't ask how, a result was a total love affair with jack russell terriers....only downside is I've heard they are a very high maintenance breed...

ms t (and I) enjoy other people dogs as both out respective houses are homes to quite a few cats..

lettuce said...

his toes are SO CUTE!!!

Baino said...

Very cute pup. Who doesn't love puppies? My dog provides something that humans don't. Not undying loyalty because she'll go to anyone anytime but something I can't explain. And if you have a well trained dog, odds are, you'll have a nack for developing well behaved kids!

tony said...

I Lapped-Up This Post.

Anonymous said...

if I never hear 'who let the dogs out' ever again, I will be gratefully pleased.

check out this article on the one hit wonder: