Monday, July 20, 2009

everywhere I go

I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move.
Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) novelist, poet and wanderer

we returned last night from a long weekend in pennsylvania to attend my extended family's annual summer gathering. what a great time - we missed the last couple years so this year was particularly sweet!

weather wise we could not have ordered better weather. saturday was spent with the family at my cousin and her husband's farm. this was the first year the picnic has been here and what an idyllic location - I hope this will be just the first of many years at this location.

sunday we celebrated my birthday by taking the long way home to cleveland - soaking in all the summer loveliness and exploring a part of central pennsylvania I never visited before. I'm intrigued by towns with peculiar names and we were able to go through quite a few uniquely named towns and villages, including paradise, desire, stump creek, and panic. let me say, however, despite the name, the denizens of panic seems quite laid back.

to see a few snaps of our wanders click here.

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.
Desmond Tutu (b. 1931) cleric and activist

today's theme song is by the oysterband, a group I have adored for a couple decades. over the years the group has featured a variety of talented musicians - but alan prosser and ian telfer have been constants. years back they used to tour the u.s. and I had the good fortune of seeing them a few times when they played at the iron horse music hall in northampton mass - one great place to hear music, gosh I miss that place!

my favorite concert was when the boys played with june tabor - now there is a match made in heaven. in 1990 they released an album together - freedom and rain - which remains in my top ten recordings of all time. in fact I had hoped to have posted the song pain or paradise from that album as today's theme song - but alas I couldn't find a vid of it on the internet. but that's cool as everywhere I go is everybit as compelling and infectious as pain or paradise!

just in case you'd like to sing along, here are the lyrics (courtesy of this site):

The black wind blows like you've never seen and your TV screen is filled with snow
And the naked truth has an unmarked grave between the waves on your radio
And war is peace and peace is war and less is more and yes is no
They want to tell you this, they want to tell you that just hold your hat when the black wind blows


And they're all tripped out on the ship of state they're running late for the breakfast show
And God likes guns, doves are hawks and Jesus walks in Idaho


Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

The Village of Panic is a long way from Normal (Illinois).

ArtSparker said...

But the photo of the approach to Panic...I have seen that film (Oh, your car fell into a pothole? You're going to have to stay here, mister -takes three days to get parts.), and it didn't end well. Oregon had some good ones too - Bend and Weed, for instance.

Merle Sneed said...

I started watching the ovie Panic last night, but someone had to wath kids TV, so I'm not through it.

As for families being God's gift, I often think it would be nice to regift some of them. Do you suppose God kept the receipt?

Chris Wolf said...

Ok, I'm a musician who hadn't heard "Everywhere I Go" or the Oysterband. I confess it. It becomes chant like doesn't it? i hope you find the other song soon and post it as well. You're always teaching me, Mouse! Thank you for that!

Unknown said...

Wow, not just Panic, but Lofty & Desire too. Great pix on Flickr. Happy Birthday, late!

mum said...

I like Merle's idea. We could hold a raffle. Hm... might have to force people to buy tickets though. Let me think this one out.

Tom said...

i agree with R.L.S....time for a road trip!

Roy said...

I'd never heard of the Oysterband before; these guys are good! And quite an eclectic lineup of instruments, including cello and Uillean pipes. It all adds up to a unique sound (although the lead singer does sound an awfu lot like Michael Stipe).

And a happy belated birthday! I hope that wander down the back roads started your new year off right.

Dot-Com said...

Road trips are fun. Yay!

Coffee Messiah said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!

I've now met more than 4 people through blogs with the same birthday week ; )

Great family shot too ; )


mouse (aka kimy) said...

junk - geez all those times driving through illinois and I still haven't gone through normal!

sparkey - will definitely have to check out weed! bend is BEAUTIFUL - been there a couple times and am shooting for a trip to oregon next summer for the sisters quilt show, in sisters oregon - another GREAT town name!

merle - your retort is priceless!!! I do believe in regifting....kind of goes with the other re's I'm fond of....reuse, recycle, renew, etc. etc

chris - happy to hear I can turn a musician on to a new tune and a new group! I saw on the boys website they are coming to a few places in canada this summer, but unfortunately not toronto or any place relatively nearby....they are AMAZING LIVE.... I do have a terrible weakness for a rocking fiddle and also the squeezebox!

john - lofty pa is the epicenter of my family of origin.... at one time I think 50% of the population was related - but alas, living in a tiny little village is no longer a desirable option for the younger generations...

mum - my family is quite into raffles - in fact we just had a 50-50 at the reunion on saturday!

tom - in my book it's always time for a road trip!!

roy - happy to be of service!! definitely a good start to the next year....

dot-com - you are the queen of road trips!!

coffee - wow - anyone else on the 19th?? in all my years I've only met 2 people with the same date, though tons on either side! in fact that reminds me I gotta make some bd calls!!! I have a great time organizing the family shot although it is always a bit like trying to herd cats!! unfortunately between the elders dying off and the next generation being really busy, the gathering is only half as big as it was in years past....but its still sweet that it continues.....

Megan said...

We didn't have a fifth of your turnout, but we enjoyed our family gathering this weekend, too.

I (heart) June Tabor.

Here's hoping you have many more birthdays. Go for double! :)

WAT said...

I come by here once in while to look at all the purty pics, and here's hoping my birthday twin (YOU) had a great day, which it looks as though you did! YAY!

tony said...

Ah The Iron Horse! I saw Bob Weir there once!
Happy Belated Birthday!

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