Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sugar magnolia

If the Earth
were only a few feet in
diameter, floating a few feet above
a field somewhere, people would come
from everywhere to marvel at it. People would
walk around it, marveling at its big pools of water,
its little pools and the water flowing between the pools.
People would marvel at the bumps on it, and the holes
in it, and they would marvel at the very thin layer of gas. The
people would marvel at all the creatures walking around the
surface of the ball, and at the creatures in the water . The
people would declare it precious because it was the only
one, and they would protect it so that it would not be hurt.
The ball would be the greatest wonder known, and people
would come to behold it, to be healed, to gain knowledge,
to know beauty and to wonder how it could be.
People would love it, and defend it with their lives,
because they would somehow know that their
lives, their own roundness, could be
nothing without it. If the Earth
were only a few feet in

still trying to find my summertime blogging groove, I don't feel as if I'm having very much success in reestablishing my rhythm. oh well, summertime and the living is busy!

f and I made a quick trip to metro dc this past weekend to see my sister and her kids who are visiting the states for several weeks from africa where they are currently living. they have one more year there then, who knows where they will be off to. everyone looks great - including my mom and dad. it is amazing how much kids can grow in a year. my niece recently turned thirteen and already she's almost as tall as I, it won't be long before she is taller than I. I'm not short (5'7") but increasingly I feel dwarfed by younger people. my own em has towered over me for years (she's 5'11"). we grow and then we shrink - isn't life trippy?

our visit primarily focused on spending time with family. but, I'm happy to report that I did make one excursion into the district from suburban virginia in order to check out the maya lin exhibit at the corcoran museum of art which I recently wrote about. it was fantastic, afterward we walked over to visit the vietnam veterans memorial which lin designed when she was still an undergraduate student. it has been years since I visited the site and I hadn't been there since the installation of the very powerful and moving vietnam women's memorial statue.

sugar magnolia has got to be one of my absolutely favorite grateful dead songs. the magnolias were in full bloom when we were visiting metro dc. god their scent is so intoxicating! ever since I filled myself up on magnolia-ness, I've had the song swirling around inside my head. unlike many other songs that get stuck in one's head, sugar magnolia is quite a pleasant earworm. I wish there was information on when and where this vid was taped. jerry and bob look so young and sweet. can you believe it's almost fourteen years since jerry passed away.


mum said...

wow, that's gorgeous - photo and words, both.

The magnolias are in bloom over here too. The Grateful Dead look so young so young and breezy.

I don't know what summer groove you're looking for, but this one suits me just fine.

bisous, petite souris

ArtSparker said...

The magnolia photo is stunning, a miniature Arabian Nights vista. Glad you are having a good summer.

Unknown said...

I second & third the comments on the magnolia photo--it's gorgeous. You sure are right about the scent of magnolia-- it takes me back to my days in Charlottesville, VA just to think about it.

Nancy said...

I just loved your poem. Also the Vietnam Memorial is a very powerful piece. It's good that it includes a nurse. Enjoy you family and summer, blogging can wait.

Anonymous said...

Awesome close-up on the magnolia, kimy! And sometimes it does feel as if the earth were only a few feet in diametre. Too, I like the way you set up the opening paragraph :)

Tess Kincaid said...

We have those creamy white magnolias, too. The scent is just ethereal.

Tom said...

yeah, i know what you mean 'bout summertime blogging...too many distractions, too little time...
loved the poetry, really good stuff, and super closeup.

Roy said...

I never saw the Vietnam Women's Memorial Statue before. The next time I'm down there I'll have to visit.

Great shot of the magnolia. Ours are long gone - they bloomed in May, along with the dogwoods.

And I know what you mean about shrinking with age. When I graduated from high school I was 5'11 3/4"; now, almost 40 years later, I'm 5'10". What goes up must come down? Heh, heh!

Cymbaline said...

To answer your question re: the youtube video of "Sugar Magnolia" -
in October 1974 the Grateful Dead filmed their shows held at the Winterland in San Francisco and released it to the public as "The Grateful Dead Movie".

It's still available on DVD and is worth getting a copy if you're at all interested in The G D!

Colette Amelia said...

well your non-groove is pretty dam good. Now was that your words with the world? Stupendous!

I am still waiting for your non-scrabble groove...or my scrabble groove.

Unknown said...

Kimy, your photo is beautiful. I can't get the Dead video to run, though. I'm not sure whether the problem is here or at YouTube. I'll go see if I can get it from them.

Unknown said...

Ah. The one at YouTube won't work, either.And here I was looking forward to a pleasant earworm, for a change.

As long as I'm here, though, I will finish my thought, interrupted by the technical glitch. I also loved "If the Earth".

Ronda Laveen said...

Stunning, stunning magnolia photo. I could get lost in it, a world unto itself. I enjoyed reading about your visit with your family. Life is trippy!

Candie said...

Simply beautiful!Well done!So creative!

Baino said...

Beautiful magnolia and definitely a powerful sculpture at the memorial. You're right about being 'dwarfed'. My son tells me I'm shrinking . . I am not . .he's just growing!

bindu said...

Beautiful words. The photo is so soft and beautiful. I could almost smell the lemony fragrance. Magnolias are one of my favourite flowers. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

California Girl said...

I don't know about your groove but I sure do like the shape and sentiment of the poem. eye catching and powerful. the magnolia close up is also powerful. I think they are my favorite Southern (yes with a capital "S") tree...oh, and the dogwood.

Gary said...

life is trippy! Kids change so much in such a short span of time. Once you hit adulthood the changes still come but they are at least slowed down a bit.

Glad you got to enjoy your family and I see now that I am a post behind that you may have gotten the blog groove back.