Sunday, June 21, 2009

my father's eyes

To become a father is not hard, to be a father is, however.
Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908) caricaturist & poet*

I am grateful and very happy that my dad had the latter half the the busch quote down! thanks dad for being a father, not just becoming one when your children were born!

I just gave my dad a ring to wish him happy father's day. he sounded good. he was enjoying the u.s. open on the television. later he and my mom will head to my brother's house for a father's day get together.

next weekend my father and mother will be surrounded by all three of their 'kids.' of course, the three of us are far from being kids, but anyone who is a parent knows that when you are a father or a mother (opposed to simply becoming one) your kids are always your kids no matter how old they are! however, as we age and our parents age, the roles become a little mixed up and blurred - adult kids, if we are lucky, may even find ourselves at times 'parenting' our parents. whenever that happens I feel even more blessed. does that make sense?

I hope everyone is having a good father's day weekend - especially all the fathers out there!

photos: top - my dad in may, 2009; bottom - the picture I will always have in my mind's eye of my dad and mom on the links, a lifelong passion they share - alas, today their golfing is confined to watching on the telly....but golfers are being parents - once a golfer always a golfer and once a parent always a parent.

*along with rodolphe töpffer, wilhelm busch can be considered one of the fathers of the modern comic strip.

an acoustic version of eric clapton performing my father's eyes - a song with discusses the transition from becoming to being


tony said...

Your Dad Has A Fine Twinkle In His Eyes!

Roy said...

It's good to hear that your Dad is enjoying his day. And thanks for posting that video - what a great version of the song!

BTW, you might want to visit my post from yesterday - you have an award to pick up!

Sandra Leigh said...

How wonderful that you still have both your parents with you, Kimy. It's a privilege. Happy Father's Day to your dad.

California Girl said...

Nice. my parents were also golfers so I appreciate what you mean.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful kimy! Wishing you all well on this Father's Day :)

willow said...

Lovely tribute to your handsome dad, Ms. Mouse!

Coffee Messiah said...

I guess I never realized before just how tall your Dad is.

My best all around ; )

mum said...

kimy: my best to you and your loved ones.

re: Wilhelm Busch - Dover Books have re-edited Max and Moriz (with the great subtitle: 'with many more mischief-makers more or less human or approximately animal')

here at Amazon for a peek inside:

Nan said...

I love both pictures so much! My 'baby' is in your town right now - at the airport on a layover. :<)

Merle Sneed said...

How can a man who loves golf, not be a great dad?