Saturday, March 28, 2009


Love God, love and respect your brothers and sisters. Know that we are given this Earth for our use and pleasure, but must pass it on intact for future generations to use and enjoy.
Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D. (b. 4 April 1929) scientist, anti-nuclear activist, founder of IICPH

today is the 30th anniversary of 3 mile island. let us

matricide by nevermore

for you who wish to sing along....

Hear our Mother crying in silent tears
For she can't speak, she only cries She cries to me
Draw the final curtain, for senseless thoughts
And senseless hands have shaped the future
Is it not what you thought would come?
Or maybe people no longer care for Mother Earth
Earth Mother is screaming, we can't live without her
No time left for dreaming here, she knows Have we forgot our future?
Earth Mother, life giver, we can't live without her
So foolish, men who say they don't care
They'll be gone anyway
Feel our
Mother nurture, for we are the children
Suckling at her breasts she gives us life, she give us all we need
What do we give in return for life we take from her?
Oh, forgive us Mother, forgive us
For we know what we do We've blistered and burned you
Our kind may soon be through, we've raped you Earth Mother is screaming,
we can't live without her
No time left for dreaming here, she knows
Have we forgot our future?
Earth Mother, life giver, we can't live without her
So foolish, men who say they don't care
They'll be gone anyway Earth Mother is screaming,
we can't live without her No time left for dreaming here, she knows
Have we forgot our future?
Earth Mother, life giver, we can't live without her
So foolish, men who say they don't care
They'll be gone anyway
Think of our little ones,
for whom the world has just begun....

photos: 3 mile island snapped from the window of a car traveling on the pennsylvania turnpike (no I was not driving!), march 2008; license plate somewhere in the cleveland area, 2008


R.L. Bourges said...

The links to Rosalie Bertell and IICPH - muy interesting.

Care to know how many nuclear power plants we have in France? Ready? Fifty-nine. How many nuclear waste disposal sites? One thousand one hundred (at least, official ones.)

No further questions, Your Honor.

(but have a gooday nonetheless, petite souris, and some good times, too. ) :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow- heavy metal with an environmental conscience!

Thanks for the links- we owe these environmetal activists a debt of gratitude. I always find your posts and quotes thought-provoking. Perhaps I will not grumble so much at having to sort out my plastic and cardboard for recycling!

Life is good...except for sometimes. said...

Thanks for remembering!

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow. Thirty years? Amazing.

Did you ever see that video made by the Russian woman who loved riding her motorcycle through Chernobyl? I wonder if it's still on the internet. It was so powerful.

Thanks for this.

Oh, on a lighter note, next time you're here let's DEFINITELY go to see the visionary art in Baltimore. Kim you will LOVE it and it'll be a blast watching you take it all in.


Reya Mellicker said...

Found it! She has a whole website about Chernobyl.

I just googled Chernobyl+motorcycle+video. There are several versions out there.

Roy said...

It's been 30 years? Huh! I wonder if the people who most need to learn something from that incident, have.

I never heard of Nevermore. But heavy metal music with a conscience isn't all that surprising to me - there are a lot of metal-type bands associated with the neo-Pagan community, and they all celebrate Mama Gaea.

Chris Wolf said...

Wow, Reya and Mouse, I just went to the motorcycle website. This is utterly overwhelming. I read it aloud to my children as I wept for us all. Help us, help us, help us all.

Baino said...

Timely Mouse! It's also the day we (well you because it's Sunday here now) commemorate the planet with Earth Hour! I remember when Australia had a program to bring Chernobyl children over for some sunshine!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the reminder - we ALL need to do all we can, everyday - RRR.

But I'm not sure about nuclear energy - it might be our only hope in the near future to cut greenhouse gasses from coal-fired plants. Our need for electricity keeps growing, with no end in sight. Next we will be recharging our cars - the electricity has to come from somewhere.

Ronda Laveen said...

Moment of silence.

Unknown said...

Thirty years??? Doesn't feel like it. We've learned very little.

New Yorker wannabes said...

It is true...we have to take of care of our home. Earth is for us all to protect and keep clean.

great post
peace and love

Steve Reed said...

It does seem amazing that was thirty years ago. Holy cow.

Later this year will be the 25th anniversary of Bhopal, too.

Perhaps it's encouraging that all these accidents, up to and including Chernobyl, happened several decades ago. Are we getting smarter about being a custodian of the earth?

Life is good...except for sometimes. said...

Thank you Reya for sharing the website and videos of the woman in Chernobyl. My husband and I were at Three Mile Island that day..lived very close actually, and while we were lucky, it opened our eyes to something we never guessed was such a danger at the time. Live and learn. Her website is so good, I plan to pass it around to all who will listen.

william ding said...
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mouse (aka kimy) said...

rlb - it is amazing to me how many nuke plants are in france. I guess if one lives there one is always in the shadow of some potential radioactive it a reactor or a waste site

cinnamon - I was happy to have run across this group and their songs.

ligefs - I'm like an elephant when it comes to remembering certain events!

reya - thanks!! believe it not I am familiar with the woman and her motorcycle tour through chernobyl - a couple years ago someone in my bookgroup ran across the website when she was preparing for our discussion of the martin cruz smith book "wolves eat dogs" - one of the arkady renko books and was set in chernobyl... if you like intense and thrilling stories, with a wickedly interesting caste of characters, check out the book. great read.

roy - I never heard of them before either, but ran across them as I was looking for an appropriate song for my title...

chris - hugs

baino - earth hour is really traveling around the world!! I had intended to commemorate it, than the film festival happened and well....I was in the dark, but there was power being generated to keep me there....

lover of life - the risks posed by the reactors and the waste has me biased against nuke plants. we need to really turn to renewable, sustainable means... at least that's what I believe... if there is the will, there will be the way!

rhonda - yes.

distracted - oh time flies, it does seem like it was just the other day!

marianna - right on! and thanks...

steve - bhopal - oh a tragedy that which causes me to cry when I think of it, the loss of life (and permanent damage to so many who survived), and the utter senselessness of the whole thing. I don't know if we are getting any smarter....the threats posed by global warming/climate change are serious, imminent and real and there is still much to do... but right now the loss of life is to non-human beings... but the impact and threat on human life and survivability is there!