Thursday, January 1, 2009

watch night

on the way to p&r's home for the traditional new year's eve celebration with some of our friends, we caught an interesting program on the radio. the program explored the history of watch night. we were aware that january 1, 1863 has great significance in terms of the shameful history of slavery in the united states, but we were unaware of the meaning of the night before. as we count the days down to january 20, 2009 and the inauguration of our country's first african-american president, the history and significance of watch night is particularly profound and poignant. the meaning of new year's eve is even more significant for me now that I had this history lesson.

last year we celebrated new year's eve with a banquet of foods from the southern united states, this year we returned to roaming the world. our food theme this year centered on foods from a thailand, vietnam, china, korea and singapore. in case you missed out on attending a new year's eve celebration, I invite you to attend ours.

according the radio program, music is a big part of watch night celebrations. here's a little taste of one traditional song, there's a meeting here tonight

happy new year!

photo: waxing moon 30 december 2008.


tut-tut said...

Looking forward to seeing you in 2009! Thank you for the slide show and the information. I have picture of the moon and Venus from last night; not as vivid in the camera as I was able to see, though.

Gary said...

Happy New Year Kimy. It seems like your evening was joyous. One of these years I think I will plan a big evening like that. I've had mostly very small gatherings (2-4 people) the past several years. Perhaps next year I'll follow your example. Best in the coming year. Hope we get to see one another in the new year.

Barbara said...

Very interesting info on Watch Night. I had never heard of it before. I do feel something just about as momentous is happening in this country right now. Bring him on!

Happy 2009 to you, Kimy! Please let me know when you are coming to DC.

Coffee Messiah said...

Oh, that looks like a nice get together.

And the food? Delicious ; )

Everything posted was interesting, so, Thanks and Cheers! ; )

R.L. Bourges said...

Pad Thai - yum. Great sky, petite souris. And great info, comme d'habitude.

Bonne continuation.

Saretta said...

I enjoyed that slide show! Thanks for sharing!

Can't wait to see what changes Obama will bring to the US...and hence, the world!

WAT said...

That looks like a big gathering y'all had there. Almost as large as our aminal party! HAHAHAH!

Well, here's wishing you a grand 2009, and I'd like to express how cool your blog is with all the cool pics and inspirational poetry/quotes/stories you share. It's good to have something like this to come to, with how ugly the world can be at times, and though I tend to focus sometimes on negative junk, I am going to do my utmost best to be an internally optimistic person this year, even as the world turns and crumbles.

So there!