Saturday, January 31, 2009

morning has broken

Cats Sleep Anywhere
Cats sleep anywhere, any table, any chair.
Top of piano, window-ledge, in the middle, on the edge.
Open draw, empty shoe, anybody's lap will do.
Fitted in a cardboard box, in the cupboard with your frocks.
Anywhere! They don't care! Cats sleep anywhere.
Eleanor Farjeon (1881 - 1965)

don't forget monday, february 2nd is the fourth annual blogger (silent) poetry reading. this annual celebration takes place on groundhog day, a north american holiday which seeks to remind us all that spring is just around the corner. the silent poetry reading is organized by reya of the gold puppy. for those that post a poem on monday, drop by the puppy on monday and put up a comment so all us poetry lovers know who is playing!

morning has broken sung by cat stevens (1973) cat now goes by yusuf islam- the song was written by eleanor farjeon and is probably her best known work.

photos: the cats of avenue c - gwen, tsuki, and rosie and just a few of their favorite places to sleep.


R.L. Bourges said...

I'd always identified the song with Cat Stevens, so thanks for the information about Eleanor Farjeon (intriguing surname, btw).

(boy, those cats look comfy.)

Roy said...

Heh, heh! Not only will cats sleep anywhere, they'll also sleep in any position, no matter how uncomfortable it looks to us. I envy them, especially now when my slightly-out-of-line C5 disc is acting up and driving my left shoulder and arm crazy. Oh to be able to just stretch it away like that!

Oh, and about Morning Has Broken... The words are by Eleanor Farjeon; the tune is an old traditional Scottish one that was a Christmas carol at one point in its travels. Tunes do seem to have a bit of wanderlust in them!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I love the pics and of course the cats - I had forgotten how much I loved to read Eleanor Farjeon when I was a child.

You have re-inspired me, Mousie!

Anonymous said...

Love that song. HAd no idea about Cat Stevens. I thought he had died? Fun shots of your incredibly relaxed subject!.

Salty Miss Jill said...

What sweet kitties. :)
I love when they curl up into the smallest possible places. Wonderful creatures.

Barbara said...

Why is it that cats don't seem to shed like dogs do? I love the way sleeping cats make little fur pillows.

marianne said...

nothing like a nap on a january afternoon (especially a nap in the sun...) i really liked cat stevens- even had all of his albums (yep, you heard me!) and that is one of my favorites. thanks for wrapping it up in a new package. yusuf islam put out a cd a few years ago that is a very pleasant listen-

Meri said...

Cats and Mouse. Hmm. . .

Avid Reader said...

Love love love love the cats! how adorable-- esp the one trying to squeeze into the basket. My cats too have their special areas, but bring in a new basket, box, chair or table and they all can't wait to try it out.
suitcases too.

I was just reading about Farjeon on another blog last month. small blogworld.

Merle Sneed said...

I'm like a cat in that I can sleep anywhere too.

Megan said...

Many smiles at the cat in the basket!

I like the poetry idea, will join in for sure!

Unknown said...

as always, love the photos.

also, go check out my post titled, "And the winner is..."

Thank you!

Saretta said...

Oh, I just LOVE these photos! Too sweet!

WAT said...

Cats have it made! Although all that sleeping must get kind of boring after a while! But at least they don't have to worry about rent/mortgage, property taxes, bills, general responsibilities, etc.

Yeah, not bad.