Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I wonder as I wander

I woke up on christmas day, looked at our calendar and discovered there was something special scheduled every day through january 1st, at that moment I realized the mouse is going on holiday. unlike my other blogging breaks, this one was unplanned otherwise I would have put up a post which said I'll be back on x day.

like every break, my vacation from blogging has had moments when I've thought sweetly of being back 'home' for along with not posting, I haven't really kept up on the activities and musings of the people in my cyberhood. maybe a couple quick clicks here or there, but I haven't spent much time wandering the blogosphere...I hope everyone is having a lovely end of 2008! can you believe it's almost 2009! what a strange, strange trip 2008 has been.

although there's still a few things on the dance card, ever since reading e's post on her favorite christmas song, it got me thinking of my favorite holiday song. I never thought I had a favorite christmas song until I heard this program which aired on my local npr station on christmas day and I heard yolanda kondonassis version of the traditional american folk carol I wonder as I wander - I find it is simply perfect.

so in this last post for 2008, I have an end of the year query - what song would you identify as your perfect holiday song? or do you think the notion absurd?

since I'm talking about favorites, I'll end with two of my favorite snaps from this past week.

unfortunately I couldn't find a vid of yolanda playing I wonder as I wander, but I did find this version as transcribed by carlos salzedo,and performed by zeno alma - and played according to zeno "with an FX touch of Jimi Hendrix, Maestro De FX & the 4th Dimension.

see you next year!!


photos: the shore of lake erie, lakewood park; ms t christmas day; dixie as vamp


Merle Sneed said...

The dog in the wig is fantastic.

R.L. Bourges said...

First things first: merci, petite souris, for great posts, great songs and great support throughout 2008. Every one of my visits here uplifted my spirits. A great gift for which I thank you.

Second: with your permission, I'm lifting The Dixie Vamp so as to print her up and make her the Official Pinup on my bulletin board. Just thinking about her cracks me up.

Third: re favorite Holiday song. It used to be an old French Christmas carol called "Entre le boeuf et l'âne gris" until I heard this Finnish variation on the lute. It is now my favorite - at least, for the time being:


4: Ms T is superb, comme d'habitude, I love the compass you posted and wish you and yours a great New Year Celebration.

A l'An Nouveau.


Saretta said...

Your blog has been an inspiration to me in 2008, so I thank you, and look forward to more good stuff in 2009!
Both pictures made me smile, but the dog more!

Dumdad said...

I could do with a wig like that.

Colette Amelia said...

Kimy thanks for being better than prozak, wellbutrin and all the other collection of pick me ups!

As we enter into 2009 amid mayhem and stress that really is scary I am glad I have you to visit!

As I read the words of our Govenor General from her Christmas speech I though surely she must have been stopping by mouse medicine as well:

"The 'fend for yourself' mentality has no place in an interdependent world, where the decisions of some have a profound impact on the lives of others; where our fates are inextricably linked," Jean said.

"Today, I am calling for greater solidarity between us."

Michele Jean

warm wishes from the frozen land

Megan said...

That's a tough question. I'll have to think about it!

Happy New Year!

Squirrel said...

silver bells is my fave. Christmas time in nyc is my earliest memory.

Squirrel said...

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks
dressed in holiday style
in the air there's a feeling of Christmas!

Children laughing, people passing
meeting smile after smile...

I didn't see the movie Lemon Drop Kid until I was 10 or so, but was glad my fave song was featured in it.

That dog knows how to wear a wig--

Betty said...

Walking in the Winter Wonderland is probably my fave. My Mum used to sing it to me and then she sang it to my kids.
Loved the pictures in your post.
Happy New Year!

Femin Susan said...

Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!
Great! Keep posting
Good week………
" A Happy New Year''

Anonymous said...

Your photos were certainly worth a big chuckle.
Have a happy and love filled New Year.

Michael Rawluk said...

I somehow hit the anonymous(e) button. I still say "Your photos were certainly worth a big chuckle.
Have a happy and love filled New Year."

mouse (aka kimy) said...

merle -dixie is a fantastic dog, wigged and wigless!

rlb - thank you so much for the kind, kind words. it has been a gift to get to know you and graulhet this past year.

thank you for helping make dixie the betty page (rip.) of the canine world! I know she would love it if cybele joined the 'stable' so to speak - I'm sure those wegman dogs would have nothing on dixie and cybele!

thanks for the link arto's version is beautiful! this lovely carol isn't well known to americans -anything where a grey donkey figures prominently is keen in my book.

a l'an nouveau!

saretta - thank you! it has been a pleasure getting to know you and having a continuous and frequent armchair travel over to molfetta.

dd - I could easily set you up!

ca - I feel as if we are old friends despite never having laid eyes on each other in the flesh, as it were. perhaps in 2009 our paths will cross...my much hoped for trip to the pnw in 08 had to be postponed....perhaps it will occur in 09, and I'll have a big wander! wise words from michele jean- if she reads the mouse, she is in the shadows....may the sun shine bright on you and your frozen land...

megan - isn't it though! I also really love the holly and the ivy....

squirrel - silver bells never fails to put me in a bouncy, happy mood! dixie is a most patient dog to put up with all of our antics.

betty - another tune that is proven to improve mood and add bounce!

femin susan - welcome to the mouse! thank you for visiting and happy new year!!

michael - thank you and back at you! your photos never fail to inspire - I wish I had your technical know how! if I make it to the frozen land, perhaps I can get a tutorial!!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I've missed having you to read during your break. I sometimes think I should take an intentional blogging break and write more coherent, incisive things. But there is much to be said for the "in the moment" posts.

Coffee Messiah said...

Nice pics and it's been nice getting to know you through your blog (s).


jenclair said...

You know how comments just float through your mind as you scroll down a post? Here are mine: lovely, peaceful, promising; how precious, love the expression; ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Gary said...

LOL - a dog in a wig.

I was actually going to put up one of those surveys asking people about their favorite Christmas songs but the list is endless isn't it. I love to know which songs 'speak' to people. I am a sucker for Silent Night and The Christmas Song but have found Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is a popular choice.

Hope your Christmas was fantastic!

WAT said...

Yes,I concur. Puppy wearing wig is awesome.