Monday, November 3, 2008

wassup 2008

brilliant - hope you can find two minutes to watch...

(thanks parker for sending the link!)

in twenty-four hours it will all over!!

I am hopeful ......YES WE CAN! and YES WE DID (just as long as everyone remembers to vote, and no nefarious forces were at work stealing another election.....)


Megan said...

Offspring and I just watched this three times in a row. We are delirious.

lettuce said...

hey kimy

thinking of you all
thinking wishing hoping


Coffee Messiah said...

In my work environment, I've been saying: How is it that there is no problem for you purchase seats to watch african american basketball, football, singers etc, but that you look at african americans otherwise as being different and afraid of?

The stories I can tell....

As they say, LBJ pushed for this way back when and finally it may occur! ; )

'bout time!

R.L. Bourges said...

Awww, that is Grrrrreat
Countdown is


marxsny said...

I saw this a little while back on one of those left wing liberal media elite blogs that I sometimes read. They had it posted along with the original commercial, funny. I only had to wait in line 30 min. to vote here in the "swing" state of PA. Just waiting for results.