Monday, November 17, 2008

waltzing matilda

this weekend a new member of the extended family arrived on avenue c. matilda is a beautiful and sweet australian cattle dog who was rescued from the local apl by lin. regular readers of the mouse may remember, lin lost her olivia, her beloved canine companion of many many years, a month ago.

when one is a die-hard animal lover it is hard not to have animal companions around. although she put on a good face, I know lin really missed that magical connection that sharing our lives with animals brings. fortunately the grief she was feeling over the loss of olivia dissipated enough for her to wander out and see who needed a home.

lin didn't get much back-story from the apl as far as matilda's history. all they could tell her was that she was found tied up to the apl's loading dock, young and pregnant. there is speculation that perhaps her owners couldn't afford to provide for matilda and her puppies. but whatever the story, matilda has now found a wonderful home. it is clear that for both lin and matilda it was love at first sight. however, even though it was love at first sight, before lin officially adopted matilda she made sure matilda did passed the kid test. and she passed with flying colors. ms t and lil b will be very happy to meet the new addition!

the apl gave the dog her name, and lin decided to keep it. matilda suits her and celebrates her breed and lineage. of course all of us are familiar with the austrialia's most famous folk song.

june tabor's beautiful and haunting song "the band played waltzing matilda" from her 1976 album "airs and graces." I have always felt this song is a powerful anti-war anthem and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

"airs and graces" was june's first solo album. over the years, june has collaborated with many musicians and some many remember her as one of the two 'silly sisters.' I have had the good fortune to see june in concert a couple times. she is surprisingly funny with her on-stage banter. one of the most memorable concerts I went to was a show of june and the oysterband - geez two of my favorite musical talents together! unfortunately I haven't gotten wind of june returning to the u.s. for concerts in a very long time. according to her website it seems as if she pretty much stays in the u.k. or other european countries.


R.L. Bourges said...

powerful song. Considering Matilda was found tied to the dock, her name is even most apt given the lyrics of the song. And a powerful one it is at that.

Nice to think some sad tales lead to better times. Best to Lin, her new friend, and to you, petite souris.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

The dog next door, Puppet, is the same breed, and he's a wonderful guy. His best friend is an Australian shepherd who comes to visit a couple of days a week.

Squirrel said...

Great song--pretty dog.

jenclair said...

Beautiful dog, beautiful name, beautiful song...although it brings tears. I think it is the chords because other songs do this regardless of lyrics. Very Celtic.
Very Dulce et Decorum Est.

I'm glad Matilda has found safe harbor.

Saretta said...

Matilda is a lovely dog! We used to have an Australian shepherd named Spirit. She got her name because one night my stepfather dreamed of a dog who spoke to him and was his spiritual guide...and the next day he found Spirit. She was always gentle and affectionate.

The song is too sad for me today...

Megan said...

My dad sings that song a lot. I hope Lin and Matilda enjoy a long and satisfying relationship!

tut-tut said...

I think you and I listened to the same people! Nice dog; and a happy ending, too.

jenclair said...

I've nominated you for an award, kimy. Over at the book blog.

Reya Mellicker said...

Bravo Matilda.

What a cute picture. Sometimes I hold the camera at Jake's eye level and take pics. The world is so different from way down there.

I love dogs! Bravo!!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

rlb - thanks!

junk - puppet - what a sweet name for a dog! we're most anxious to see how matilda and dixie hit it off. dixie and olivia were best of friends and when dixie comes over she's always looking for olivia.

squirrel - matilda met the cats yesterday as she wandered up to the second floor - the cats didn't run, at least not right away. I think they were confused as matilda doesn't bark, so they couldn't at first figure out what this critter was.

jenclair - even though I've heard this song thousands of times (I'm sure) I still cry each time.

saretta - lovely story behind the naming of your dog.

megan - I'd love to meet your da!

tut - ;)

jen - thank you!!

reya - jake is very blessed to have you as his human!

Sourire11 said...

She's beautiful! My brother has an ACD, Mitch... he's kindof a crazy dog but you could never ask for a more loyal animal. Incredibly smart, too!

WAT said...

AW! MATILDA is cute. Glad she has found a safe happy home!