Saturday, November 22, 2008

phenomenal cat

A long, long time ago,
In the land of idiot boys,
There live a cat, a phenomenal cat,
Who loved to wallow all day.

the song "phenomenal cats" is from the kink's concept album the kinks are the village green preservation society which was released on 22 november 1968. the songs on the album were recorded between 1966 and 1968.

saturday safari photo: sam the cat. as with so many of us, sam does enjoy a good wallow every now and then. oberlin, november 2008


WAT said...

Damn Sam, u look at me with those intense beautiful eyes...

K. said...

"We are the village green preservation society
God save donald duck, vaudeville and variety"

All the other things the Kink wanted God to save:

strawberry jam (and different varieties)
Mrs. Mopp
Old Mother Riley
The George Cross
Fu Manchu
little shops
china cups
Tudor house
antique tables
the village green

Coffee Messiah said...

Strange the Kinks never wanted to save the village idiot,
lucky 4 us ; )

Hope UR feeling better ; )

John said...

like wat, I have to say that Sam is very beautiful. Perhaps you would be kind enough to tell him that I pay homage.

LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Sam looks like a big boy with lots of 'tude -- my favorite kind of cat.

Squirrel said...

Sam is lovely

Yes, Mrs. Mopp.

My cats never wallow, they dislike getting their tuxedos dirty. They love the brush and lint roller. They would probably enjoy having a full-time valet.

Jeff was quite ill --- he spent Sunday (yesetrday) at the Animal Hospital. I believe the pain killer has won off so he's very very said about that.

Saretta said...

Sam does indeed have a beautiful smile!

Steve Reed said...

Awww, he looks like a phenomenal cat!

Thanks for your comment, BTW. Don't worry, I didn't delete your first one. It probably just didn't "take." :)

The Blue Elephant said...

"Study in Gray" -- in the best sense

Anonymous said...

Lovely Kinks song, how have I lived without it all these years? Ali