Wednesday, November 5, 2008

obama, obama

congratulations to barack obama, joe biden, their families, and all the people who worked so diligently to return the office of president and vice-president to individuals who will restore honor not only to their positions but to the united states of america!

after eight years of the bush catastrophe there is much work ahead. today is only the beginning. the real beginning will come 20 january 2009. let's pray w and darth don't f**k things up even more between now and then!

thanks to everyone who voted (even if you didn't vote for the O man, you exercised your right and duty). and thanks to all of my international friends who sent up 'good vibes' and directed positive energy our way!

here on avenue c, not only were we optimistic but we were prepared!
cheers, sláinte, salut, salud, skaal, a votre santé, l'chaim, cin cin, mabuhay, rathima andu atene....
to the health and well being of all people! and to peace in every land!

and I am so happy to be able to say that finally I am a blue grrrl in a blue state!!! which reminds me, a blogging friend's blog is titled "a blue girl in a red state" - guess it's time for her to change her name! yeah team!!!

november 4, 2008 a day that the complexion of america changed. a day that will be forever remembered. a day when we redefined the meaning of WE!

we are the ones.....


lettuce said...

hey kimy!!!!

did you get to bed at all? or i wonder if you are still up celebrating

congratulations to all of you over there


big grins relief and celebrations over here too

Anonymous said...

We heard your voice loud and clear all the way from Australia, I personally sent positive energies to the campaign and waited with abated breath as the results started rolling in. I watched McCain's speech when he conceded defeat and Obama's speech after. McCain was so gracious in the face of defeat. And Obama's speech was powerful and moving it made me wish I could have voted and been part of this huge move towards change.
Congratulations to all the Americans who spoke out loud and voted for change.

Coffee Messiah said...

Whew.....hopefully gw won't do more stupid things before it's all said and done! ; (

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Well done, Kimy and well done to all Americans! You guys stood up and voted for democracy and change and the rest of us thank you for that.

I'm not sure if most Americans realise how much what happens in the US affects the rest of us. As I said to a friend, I felt like I should have had the right to vote too.

And what a brilliant acceptance speech Obama made - I missed McCain's speech, but I'm glad to hear it was graciously done.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

lettuce -I got a few hours of sleep and I slept soooo good. the world is cheering! thanks!!

gaudium - thank you. mccain sounded like the mccain of old - it was wonderful that he had such a gracious speech - maybe he did listen to obama on the campaign trail! even though folks who aren't us citizens couldn't vote, I do believe the power of their energy helped us!! it's all energy, isn't it????

coffee - amen brother. and it's looks like indiana went blue too!!!! doesn't it feel so much better!!

av - thank you!!! I'm so happy I had the foresight to hit record on the vcr for obama's speech. it was brilliant - I was deliriously happy and admit cried with joy almost throughout!!

what was so wonderful was after the speeches seeing the LOVE the obama family and the biden family exhibited towards each other and projected out on all of us. it was real. it was authentic and I know in my heart that they have that same love for our country and the world - these are not greedy people who will put special interests above the common good!

whew, whew, whew!!!!

Merle Sneed said...

Here's to happier days ahead.

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh yeah!

You must be so proud of your state, as well as of the country. I thought about you last night, celebrating.

We were dancing in the streets in DC. I cried like a baby. It was transcendent.

Onwards & upwards!

R.L. Bourges said...

Hey hey hey! We celebrated with Alsacian Riesling but the vibes were positively bubbly!

So glad there was a decent speechwriter over at McCain HQ for the concession speech- could have used him/her earlier on maybe? Hit a higher note and raised the level of the debate, sort of thing?

Never mind. The real stuff starts now and we are very happy.

Hope you get a well deserved rest. Best to you and yours, petite souris.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Great post, Kim. I'm not sure that it was the complexion of America that changed yesterday, but I think the true America finally emerged and spoke because the people finally felt that their voices could be heard. The fact that it was not a squeaker (no offense to mice) but a thunderous landslide suggests that there is hope on the other side of these troubled times, even if it's years ahead.

tut-tut said...

You live in a blue state, now, baby! Here's a clink of my glass to you, Kimy! We are so excited, even though we are still red. I believe my county is blue, though.

We must all keep up the good vibes, whatever; Obama and Biden have so much hard work ahead. Here's to a cabinet with thoughtful, intelligent, hardworking members.

caraleew said...

I watched this history as I sat in the reddest part of the reddest state, Utah. I remembered something from my childhood: I had checked out "Gone With the Wind" from my local library, and someone, after finishing the book, had written in the front "I'm glad I learned to read."

I'm glad I lived to see this historic moment in American history. I believe it transcends even the wonder of electing a black man to the American presidency. More, it convinces me that Hope is, in fact, stronger than despair and can move people to action even as they might feel that all could be lost. Hope is powerful indeed, and I will never forget that lesson.


Steve said...

It's so exciting, isn't it? "Our moment is now," indeed!

TheElementary said...

Spouse and I actually went out and bought champagne- we drink very rarely but felt we couldn't pass up that opportunity to celebrate.
I feel your joy and hope in this post. Lovely.
"Welcome back, America. We missed you." ;)

Colette Amelia said...

Kimy many thanks for all your hard work in helping to make this happen!

This helped make me feel like there is hope for democracy.

K. said...

Whew! And I mean WHEW! As a political junkie, the first sign for me was when the networks called Wisconsin instantly. In 2004, it was a nailbiter...

Hey Caralee-- My wife and I were in Salt Lake City briefly about 18 months ago. We heard (much to our surprise) that there is a vibrant gay community there that exists very comfortably with the Mormon straight majority. True?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

merle - you called it EARLY!!

reya - I wish I was in dc to witness the celebration in our nation's capital! I cried during the o man's speech and yesterday (wed) there were at least 3 times I got caught up with the significance and cried again with joy and hope!!

rlb - much thanks!!

junk - the only hampering to the joy I feel over the obama win is the lose of civil rights with with passage of prop 8....the bluest city has its work cut out to restore the right to marry in california

tut - yeah a blue country - it's been a long time coming. way too much red (and blood) the last eight years....

caralee - I love what you wrote - hope is indeed more powerful than despair and fear....

steve - yeah team!!

te - there are times that call for champagne indeed!!

ca - millions worked at getting the o man in!! and millions more must work to make sure the agenda to change and restore america succeeds!

k - caralee lives in kanab utah, far from slc it sounds like it is indeed the reddest of red, save for some progressive homesteaders like her and her partner!

Saretta said...

People in Italy are so impressed by this great step forward for the US. They see Obama as a sign of hope not just for the US, but for the world. And they have been holding American democracy up as an example to be lived up to since Obama's victory. It's nice to be seen as an American in a positive light...that's been unusual in my experience abroad!

Anonymous said...

God...what happened. At this point it is so, so sad.

Fellow Democrats will not even campaign with him.