Tuesday, November 18, 2008

change can happen!

wow! a most interesting morph. I need to watch it again when I have another 4 minutes to spare. I found myself particularly interested in the eyes, mouths, and presence of facial hair. skin tone and gender - well, until obama (#44) - the hegemony is homogeneous.

we don't see teeth or a broad smile until we get to jimmy carter (#39). although there were plenty of 'mona lisa' type smiles. for some weird reason, I found truman's smile particularly sweet. after jimmy, all the faces show teeth and sport wide smiles. there was a lot of facial hair on presidents for quite awhile - then after taft (#27) no more whiskers.


R.L. Bourges said...

I vote Chester A. Arthur #21 for Most Interesting Facial Hair.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimy, that was so interesting. I never knew the names of some and how many of them looked besides the celebrity presidents, well known for one or another reason.
You are right about the facial hair for a period. And the teeth showing smiles starting from Jimmy Carter.
Did you see the video named "Mona Lisa Ascending"? It is a similar concept of transformation from one painting to another.
It's really good. :)
Gaye xox

Merle Sneed said...

That was very fascinating. Thanks.

Squirrel said...

there are several of these morph films--all very fun to watch. I once saw an exhibit of president's portraits --maybe at the Renwick-- a very nice exhibit. They also had political cartoonists renderings of the big cheeses.

I love the pres nicknames too--like Big Beefy Head (he once got stuck in a bathtub.)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

rlb - for sure!

gaye - if that is the morph of a history of women through art, I've seen it, but will check the name...I think I've posted a couple of these morphs before. they are so clever!

merle - you are welcome

squirrel - inquiring minds need to know who in the world was big beefy head?

Ernest de Cugnac said...

The morph was interesting, especially when it reached the part when I could individually recognise presidents during my lifetime. I won't own up to quite how far back that goes!. And snow, heck!

lettuce said...

ha, this is entertaining.
had to go back to No.21 - def. excellent facial hair!

Would be fun with English PMs. In fact, its prob. been done, i must go and look...

Saretta said...

How do they do that? It's too strange! Many of the presidents look frighteningly similar to their predecessors!

WAT said...

That was a cool clip! Abraham Lincoln stand out so powerfully. Intense facial features.

I CANNOT BELIEVE BUSH JR. is part of that morphing!

How embarrassing!