Wednesday, October 1, 2008

u is for unremarkable

a couple weeks ago ched tagged me in the game of listing six unremarkable things about me.

finally have reached the letter U! (yes, there is a reason I love the t.v. show monk) I do prefer to think of myself as quite unique; however, many of my unique attributes and characteristics are, in fact, quite unremarkable. but, who is to say what is unremarkable and what is remarkable - like beauty I expect remark-ability is all in the eye of the beholder.

1. my name. my first name is mary - a very unremarkable name but it is remarkable in its unremarkableness. from the 1880s (when data on names was first officially collected, tabulated and analyzed) through the 1950s, mary was the number one name given to girl children in the united states! in the 1960s mary lost it's numero uno position and dropped to just being #2. by the 1970s mary had dropped to being #15 in popularity and by 2007 it was down to 93.

except for the nuns in elementary school, no one ever called me mary. on both sides of my family the name mary was quite popular - both of my grandmothers were named mary, my godmother was named mary and I have a slew of cousins named mary or some variation of mary.

my middle name is kim. this is the name most folks call me. it too is unremarkable in it's remarkableness. although it never reached the standing of mary in popularity, kim was a bit vogue beginning in the late 1950s through the 1960s. in the 1950s kim was ranked 78 and the zenith of the popularity of the name kim was in the 1960s when it was ranked as 43rd. by the 1990s kim had plummeted in popularilty and wasn't even rated as in the top 1000. if you are interested in seeing how your name rates and ranks through the years check out the totally amazing baby name wizard website.

it is a bit freaky to see one's name on grave markers - and not once but twice!
my paternal great-grandmother was named mary.

as was my paternal grandmother.

2. I have had the same partner and mate since 1976. and I have been married to said partner and mate (who I refer to simply as f) since 1978. the longevity of our relationship is both unremarkable and remarkable.

3. f and I have lived together since january 1977. since 1977 we have lived in ten different houses in three different states. only one of our habitats has been a single family home (that was 4 residences ago).

4. for the last 35 years I have measured 5'7" in height (however, in all honestly I have not been officially measured for about ten years, now that I am over 50, I may no longer be 5'7"). except for a the infamous freshman fifeteen and my weight during pregnancies, I weigh the same today as I did when I was a senior in high school.

5. I never drank coffee until I was almost thirty years old. in 1983 f and I had a roommate who was a serious coffee drinker. each morning he ground his beans and made a pot of coffee. I found the smell intoxicating. soon I became quite fond of drinking coffee. today I love my morning cups of coffee and engage in an elaborate ritual of grinding beans and preparing my morning coffee. I believe there is no such thing as strong coffee, only weak people. some people have heart palpitations when they drink my coffee. I create my own unique blend of free-trade coffee. even if people remark about the intensity and strength of my coffee, they always state that they love the flavor of my coffee! hey, what's the point of living if you are not living on the edge!

6. I wear an 8.5 or size 9 shoe. according to wiki answers 8 to 8.5 is the average shoe size for women in the united states.

I am supposed to tag 6 folks to play this game.... instead of tagging individuals, I extend the invitation to any an all willing to play!


bitchlet said...

Um, you had a roommate when you were married?

I hope I'm not being rude.

Megan said...

Great job! You are remarkable in your unremarkableness!

Saretta said...

Ok, let's see...I'm married with 2.5, just kidding! Only 2 kids, but 6 pets! I wanted to thank you for putting the Ovarian Cancer Awareness message on your O day post!

Coffee Messiah said...

Congratulations on all of the above! ; )

All remarkable, especially the coffee loving.

tut-tut said...

You are unique! Each and every one of your posts is filled with the unusual and the beautiful and the informative.

Reya Mellicker said...

I think you are remarkable, so it makes sense it was hard to think of any unremarkable things to say about yourself.

Nice pics! Remarkable, even!!

lettuce said...

i'm remarkably glad to know you

dennis said...

Dennis feels U R the ultimate! #1 Ultra cool Unique lady.

Barbara said...

Interesting that we've both had our partners for about the same amount of time. We were married in 1976.

It's all these unremarkable things put together that make you such a remarkable, interesting person.

I'm sorry I missed a couple of letters in your alphabet posts. I promise to go back and read.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

b- yes. we have had several roommates over the years. none currently but that is not to say we won't have another at sometime in the future. I have always thought communal living made sense although it's not de rigeur ....but with the economy going into the toilet who knows what the future has in store for those of us that don't have 7 homes and 13 cars (ouch)

by the way you aren't rude, just curious. I love that trait in people!

megan - it was fun musing on the question. you always do such a loverly job on tags and memes!

saretta - let's see we have 4 cats, 1 pet mouse, monty the snake (and fluctuating numbers of mice whose future I will not mention - it pains me, but if you have a rescue snake, it must be fed) so we are twinned in the pet department! perhaps we should do a theme thursday of pet portraits! that would be fun - however, except for monty all our pets have been featured on mousemedicine

coffee - thank you!

tut - your comment makes me very happy. thank you.

reya - gracias.

lettuce - and I you!!!

dennis - aw gee. will you be my cat boyfriend? we won't tell tsuki!

barbara - it's hard to keep up...I'm sure you just missed the real dud letters! 1976 was a very good year!! downright magical!

edward said...

miss you

WAT said...

YOU IS MORE REMARKABLE THAN YA THINK KIDDO! All these little tidbits about you are pretty interesting.

Look at those graves! EEK! We'll all get to those places, but at a good old ripe age okay?


d. chedwick said...

I wish I was 5'7" tall. ( I'm 5'5 pretty average) When I graduated High School, I was only 5'2" so I was a late bloomer.

bitchlet said...

You must be aware of the Indian joint family system, but I grew up in a special kind of joint family. With my mum, dad and sister lived two of our aunts. So technically, I had three mothers! And right across lived another aunt and three cousins. Our neighbours were like family too. Doors never closed and anyone walked in to borrow whatever they liked at any time of the day. The whole (albeit tiny) building was like one big joint family.

This has become a rare phenomenon. Most of my friends grew up in big apartment buildings isolated from their neighbours. With rampant redevelopment of old buildings, that will surely become universal.