Tuesday, October 28, 2008

better way

yesterday I did vote early and let me say what a rush! and if the line we encountered yesterday is indicative of what we can expect on tuesday - WOW! maybe the era of voter apathy and low voter turn-out will be finally over!! let's just hope and pray that this year voter turnout is so high and the vote for obama so strong that there will be NO WAY that certain forces can steal another presidential election.

top 10 reasons to vote early (the following is from here)

1. Why put off the most important act one can do as a citizen until the last minute? What if you get hit by another car at an intersection on your way to vote? What if you have a horrible case of diarrhea and can't leave your house to vote? Unlikely? Maybe. But these things or other things will occur that cause people who intended to vote for Obama to miss there chance. To bad those folks didn't vote early. Those are lost votes that can't be gotten back. Voting early means more votes total, in the end, for Obama.

2. It makes life so much easier for all the staff and volunteers. When you vote, your name is crossed off the list. The campaign doesn't have to put valuable time and resources into knocking on your door and calling your phone making sure you vote if you are already voted. It means we get more votes.

3. It makes it easier for other people to vote. Less people at the polls on the 4th means shorter lines and more people voting faster. Means Obama gets more votes.

4. If you vote early you can devote all day on the 4th to helping turnout others to vote

5. If you want change but are unwilling to change your voting routine to maximize the chance to win, then how badly do you really want change? Ask yourself.

6. Voting early feels exactly the same as voting later. Except it's better, because it maximizes our chances to win.

7. Voting early helps ease traffic congestion. It helps fight global warming.

8. Voting early scares the crap out of the GOP. They have attempted to shut down and limit early voting all across the country. Scare the GOP. Vote early!

9. Voting early is a statement of intent to win. If you want to win, vote early.

10. Voting early shows you are ready to be a part of something bigger than yourself. It's a commitment to team Obama and it says, 'Obama asked me to vote early if at all possible. So I did.'

ben harper's infectious tune better way - today is ben's 39th birthday! happy birthday ben - ben, can I call you 10 for today?


LadrĂ³n de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I just heard a news clip saying that Obama leads by 20 points in early voting. I just hope those on the fence don't take that as a clue not to vote since they think it's in the bag.

R.L. Bourges said...

woo-hoo! Just loooove #8! (wish I could vote too)

Toes and fingers crossed on this side of the pond, petite souris (not worried about the cramps, I'll be jumping up and down on the 4th in the evening) :-)
sending good vibes to you all.

Nan said...

I love this post; esp. number 10. I don't have to vote early since I live in such a little community and since I'm home I can go vote in a less crowded time of day. Oh, Ben Harper, a Scorpio, of course. Thanks for the video. I'll tell my daughter who is also a fan.

Megan said...

There is only one place in LA County where you can vote early (unless you mail). A friend of mine went yesterday and said the line wasn't too bad. But since I already have the 4th off work, I'm just going to vote on the day.

Merle Sneed said...

I've already voted. Arizona has this cool deal where you can sign up to be a permanent mail voter. I got to read through the ballot and vote at my leisure.

Don't tell everyone, but I voted Obama.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

junk - I hope given the serious nature of this election we don't have many fence sitters! and no one will not go thinking 'it's in the bag' - to quote the wise yogi, it ain't over till it's over!

rlb - merci - I think the vibes from all nations and all people directed our way will help!!! bises!

nan - my em turned me onto ben years and years ago and I've been a fan ever since. oh by the way, I love your blog! should this city mouse ever be a country mouse, where you live sounds just about right!!

megan - I was just talking with a friend yesterday about how everyone should have off work for a presidential election - it should be a national paid day off!! but of course to some folks that might seem like 'socialism' or some other 'ism' - voting is both a right and a duty!! enjoy the day, make sure you take a book as you may be in line for a long time (at least don't we all hope the lines will be long with eager, hopeful voters!!!) f was in line almost an hour yesterday for early voting!

merle - your secret is safe with us!