Monday, September 29, 2008

s is for signs

several months ago I was reading some mystery, in it was a character from eastern europe who was constantly making remarks about the sheer number of signs that exist in the u.s. I don't know if the u.s. has more signs than elsewhere, but I do enjoy looking at signs.

I got home from new york at 4 am this morning so I'm feeling a bit swamped. the weekend was super even stupendous! even though I had to make do with a little point and shoot camera while my 'real' camera is in the shop, I still managed to come home with over six hundred photos (I delete as I shoot, so who knows how many frames I actually snapped!)

thursday evening and friday I spent in nyack. what a great town since I'm a regular visitor to the nyack daily snap I felt as if I was simply coming home.

nyack is a friendly town. I chatted and met so many interesting people. there was pearl who is the star of a terrific vid on voting - make sure you see it! it's only 27 seconds long

saturday morning we took metronorth into the city. as soon as we emerged from the station, the great photo safari started! so much for earlier plans for checking out a museum or two. the allure of just walking the streets soaking everything in was too great to resist and when one is on a wander with a sister snapper why even bothering trying to resist!

the principle reason I scheduled the trip to new york was to meet up with a few of the buds from the cyberhood for a saturday soiree at the soho grand - and a grand time was had by all. thanks salty for organizing the shindig! it was great meeting an old friend for the first time, meeting a couple new folks, and seeing and hanging with several familiar blogging buds. click to see a slide show of the soiree.

sunday before heading home p&k and I went up to fort tyrone park. we checked out the very soggy medieval fair. despite the soaking it was a fun. I snapped this picture thinking of lettuce and her fondness for words ending with e.
s is also for sister. earlier in september when I was helping my mom we unearthed this essay my sister wrote when she was in second grade and I was a sophomore. I thought it was a sooooo silly and sweet!


Squirrel said...

The little sister letter is so incredibly sweeet.

ye oldy BBQ shoppy, did you get any?

bitchlet said...

The letter is beautiful. "She eats a lot". It's just so cute. I love discovering childhood stuff.

I like that photo of the lady. Great Expression.

Waiting to hear more travel stories from the trip.

Steve said...

It was great to see you! Glad you packed so many adventures into your weekend. :)

Love the note! "She eats a lot" -- LOL!

dennis said...

Dennis loves Bar b Que hates comment mod --furry paws many failed attempts!

d. chedwick said...

it's too late to call, but I've put something together for all day tomorrow . xxxooo

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

T is for tired, at least after a five and a half hour flight back to California. I already miss everyone! I may need to move back East again. That's a wonderful slide show, and I had so much fun meeting you and everyone else.

marxsny said...

Hey Kimy, it was great to see you again. I was working on getting the pictures out but you beat me to it. Glad you had a safe trip back home.

WAT said...

SIGNS are definitely a cultural phenomenon, and it must mean we love them so and they have great significance in the American experience.

Pearl looks/sounds like a terrific lady! I am honored y'all missed me in NYC!


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