Monday, September 15, 2008

i is for impressions

a few images and impressions from our weekend. september is proving to be a most interesting month! friday evening f and I set off for southeastern ohio to meet friends for a weekend of friendship and fun. last spring s & p successfully bid on a weekend at the stratton house in flushing during a fundraiser for the olney school. s & p, generous to their very core, invited an interesting assortment of friends. we were blessed to be among the chosen.

the drive down was intense. most of the trip involved traveling on dark windy, unfamiliar country roads in the rain and fog. but we arrived safe and sound and with friends and food awaiting our arrival, whatever road worries we had instantly evaporated.

saturday started off as friday ended -- foggy and wet but the weather did nothing to interfere with our itinerary. after breakfast we headed "downtown" for our appointment with john mattox, the curator of the underground railroad museum. the introduction to the museum and it's collection that mr. mattox provided was incredibly interesting. john's knowledge and commitment to sharing this inconceivable* chapter in u.s. history is most important. although small, the museum's collection is simply incredible - it is jammed packed with artifacts, documents, and memorabilia - but everything is well organized and quite simply irrestistible to the curious soul.

by saturday afternoon the rain and fog evaporated and the temperatures warm enough to dry out the terrain enough for a walk in the woods. after lunch we headed out to dysart woods "the largest known (51 acres) of unglaciated primeval oak forest in Southeastern Ohio. The virgin forest, with specimens 300-400 years old, is a National Natural Landmark and botanical research laboratory of Ohio University and the Eastern Campus." unfortunately while I was at the underground railroad museum my camera went on the fritz, I was not able to capture any images from our walk in the woods. (I'm happy to report my camera started working again sunday morning - however, I did get the same strange error message so right after this post goes up, I'm taking the camera to the shop for diagnostic inquiry)

among our activities on sunday were

an early morning walk to the village of flushing (2000 population 900)

a visit to see the work of a local chainsaw artist named ed

setting up the always desirable group portrait,

and a stop at the fiesta factory store in newell, west virginia on our ride back home.

yesterday immediately after downloading my photos and posting a comment in response to all the wonderful comments on the h is for happy post, an immense storm named ike hit - bringing down many trees and our electricity. this morning our power is back on, but according to the radio, there are thousands of households in the cleveland area still without power. of course the damage and destruction that ike has caused here is infinitesimal compared to the death and devastation ike instigated and induced elsewhere.

* slavery is inconceivable to most people today. fortunately to was also inconceivable to many men and women during the early stages of the country's history (slavery was legal from 1654 to 1865) - and with their belief and the actions their beliefs initiated, the practice of slavery finally was ended. over 140 years after slavery was abolished in the united states, many believe that the country is still healing from the injuries of this form of inhumanity.


tut-tut said...

What great friends to invite everyone along. Sounds like you guys didn't waste a minute.

I hadn't realized that Ike was still so powerful up your way. These storms are getting bigger and bigger each year. And yet there are still global warming naysayers.

Merle Sneed said...

What a great time you must have had. Sometimes I feel so alone here in the corner of the country.

bitchlet said...

What are those colourful discs?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

tut - I couldn't believe ike got up here so fast and was still furious - although thankfully no longer a hurricane - the radio said last night wind gusts were between 65 and 70 mph. I have a couple photos on the lakewood blog of action in front of my house.

merle - we had a great time! sorry that you feel alone in your corner...anytime you want to travel there's kindred spirits here with open hearts.

b - they are fiesta ware plates - made in west virginia!

Coffee Messiah said...

Looks like a few activists in that picture. ; )

That museum experience sounds like it was very interesting.....

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

I've been enjoying all your letters. I don't have a favourite yet- for what it's worth I might pick one out when it's complete ;)
I love the first, very atmospheric, photo.

lettuce said...

what a great weekend - countryside and history and ancient forest and friends, sounds wonderful.

our weather is getting a little more extreme over here but we're so fortunate not to have the destruction you get

best get well wishes to your camera!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend away! Shame about the fritzing camera and no shots of the woods!

Ike seems to have done the most terrible damage, so very many have been affected. So hard and difficult. Glad you're okay though.

BTW, there's something for you at my place :-)

R.L. Bourges said...

beautiful post, petite souris, and something for everyone, link-wise. Particularly enjoyed the underground railway link and that of Dysart Woods (where I could almost smell the forest).

as for lingering effects of humans treating other humans inhumanely, that really seems like such a given I'm always surprised to discover some folks really believe it's over as soon as it's off the news bulletin. Life should only be so simple, right?

be well et à +

mouse (aka kimy) said...

coffee - is it that obvious!! the museum was wonderful I was reminded of this marvelous place in cardiff that em and I visited that was referred to as a cabinet of curiosities. I heartily recommend a visit should you ever find yourself in the area - but just make sure you contact john ahead of time as he mainly now comes in for appointments with visitors. prayers for john's wife as she has been having some health problems and this is the reason john has had to change his staffing of the museum.

te - I have so much fun with these alphabet months.... last time I did this I claimed a favorite letter, and got called on it (of course good naturely) by a few mouse readers - maybe this time I'll end the run of letters with a 'challenge' for folks to comment on their fave/s

lettuce - I already got the quote on my camera - apparently it needs some serious work and it's gonna cost some serious bucks. I'll be without a camera for weeks (but I pray not months!).... since my camera is always with me an extension of myself, you can imagine..... but there is a cosmic lesson in here about attachment. so this is okay. om mani padme hum

av - we are very grateful it wasn't worse - both here and down south. heading over to your place in a sec.

rlb - merci sweetpea! bises et à +

Bob Dylan said...

they still make fiesta ware?

how did I miss this post.

sounds like we need to road trip out to merle.

WAT said...

I just watched a pretty good film on the abolition of slavery throughout THE BRITISH EMPIRE called "AMAZING GRACE."

Check it out, I think you would like.