Friday, September 12, 2008

h is for happy

today is my sister annie's birthday - HAPPY birthday annie!

once again I picked out a card and once again I failed to post it in a timely manner! I need to adopt the system my mom uses for sending cards. at the beginning of the month she checks her special book and notes all the noteworthy events (birthdays and anniversaries) that are coming up for that month. she gets out her stash of cards, chooses just the right card for each occasion, writes her message, addresses the envelop and then where the stamp goes jots the date that the card needs to be mailed. she organizes the cards, places them in the designated spot on her kitchen hutch. when mailing day arrives, she stamps the envelop and viola - she helps make someone a little bit happier!!

ah, there are times....the hurrier I go the behinder I get

ched provided us with the keys to happiness and over at e's house I saw this list on her fridge:

the video of matt, whoever the hell he is, doing the happy dance never fails to make me feel happy. in case you've missed it:

photo: annie (left) with her best friend mei-mei, guam 1965


Megan said...

I have a sister Annie! Her birthday is 4 days from now!

I love that video of Matt. It makes me laugh and cry.

Merle Sneed said...

Every time I see that video, it makes me smile. Matt has figured out something that the rest of us should learn.

Have you considered that maybe you mom was an overachiever? :)

tut-tut said...

Happy birthday to Annie! What a sweet picture.

I usually stick the card to whomever in my engagement calendar at the appropriate week. Then at least I remember to mail it AROUND the time of the birthday.

Steve Reed said...

Happy Birthday, Annie!

That Matt kid has spread a whole lotta goodwill, that's for sure.

Colette Amelia said...

I love the happy list! The video was great! Thanks for brightening my day. Give Annie a phone call, email her an ecard and stick the other in the mail. Her birthday will be celebrated many times over.

Barbara said...

Love the pic of Annie. Happy birthday to her!

Did Matt dance his way around the world? What a very cool way to document his travels!

R.L. Bourges said...

what a cool pic. sweet, sweet, sweet. Happy Birthday to Annie (I second colette amelia - turn the birthday into a Novena, sort of thing)
didn't have time for Matt's entire world tour but - way to go, Matt, no tiptoing through the tulips in these times.

best, comme d'hab ("comme d'habitude" - the French find abbreviations real cool)

à + (means "à plus tard" - catch you later, petite souris)

you know what word verification just said? o, lb suqs
gee, thanks :-)

a. said...

Based upon your song titled posts, we are musical cousins.
Then you go and say "h is for happy" which makes me think of happyha, also known as my husband.
Then you go and have a sister named Annie who has a birthday just a few days before mine...
What's next, man, what's next??
The Edge of my Seat I Am.

lettuce said...

i'm always saying how much i love your old family pictures - cos i do!

and that matt gets about, doesn't he? how fabulous is that vid?!!!
oh to be his camera-person...

lettuce said...

oh and kimy, i meant to say - thats exactly what my mum used to do with birthday cards. etc. for the month ahead

so this made me cry, just a little, and smile


alicesg said...

Happy birthday to your sister. Oh I like Matt...hahaha

bitchlet said...

I really needed this right now.

I want to stand in the rain and dance like him, surrounded by a billion people, knowing that no one hates each other.

[There were serial blasts in Delhi today.]

dennis said...

Dennis LOVES Annie.

Unknown said...

I want to go traveling with Matt! :-)
(Glad to see my own bit of rock got a look in there!)

Gosh, your mom is so organised - that's incredible!

And happy birthday to Annie!


Saretta said...

I *love* that photo of Annie and friend! And the dancing video is great!
My grandmother had the same card system...I always marveled at her organization, but never bothered to try to imitate it!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks everyone for all the great comments, I hope my annie reads the comments and finds even more birthday wishes! I just returned home from the latest wander... and over 48 hours unplugged! was having way too much fun to even give second thoughts to having no access to email, the internet, news, etc.

megan - happy birthday to your annie! I also find my eyes filling up with tears when I watch matt's vid - the joy of the shared humanity is so touching.

merle - I'm grateful that matt has shared his quest with the rest of us!! my mom is pretty wonderful, she does set high standards - but I never really thought of her as an overachiever, hmmmmm

tut - your system is good.... right now my lack of a system definitely does not work.... and as I get older I seem to get worse and worse in this department....must do something!

steve - ;)

ca - the list is such a hoot! I too love it...any time I have help brighten your day, I'd be deLIGHTED! good advice and now that I'm back home, I will follow it....I'm all for carrying on the celebration of a birthday for days, weeks, and even months....

barbara - a very cool idea...

rlb - way cool.. thanks for the french lesson
à +

annie ha! for some reason, I'm hearing the soundtrack for the twilight zone. hope you will be able to carry on your birthday celebration for many, many days, weeks - hell months! happy birthday to you and best to the happy ha family!

lettuce - would be great fun to travel with matt and do the happy dance around the world and snap away! sweet thoughts to you - your mum is always with you in these sorts of memories - we both probably would benefit by adopting some of the practices of our wise mums, eh? hugs....

alice :)

b - many many serial hugs to you and thoughts and prayers of calm and peace to your country. xxxx

dennis - I know annie would love you back!

av - I'm going to try and adopt this system....or some system!

saretta - maybe it's a generational thing, this whole organizational thing w/ birthdays!

Anonymous said...

FROM ANNIE....Thank you so much for all the good wishes! I'm checking the mouse late due to sketchy internet service here in central africa. So like a Polish birthday is lasting a couple of days! Thank you again to all those folks who are as fortunate as I to have kim in their lives. But I'm the lucky one....I've had her longer! Cheerio from sunny and cloudless Lusaka. P.S., loved the pic too!

WAT said...

Happy Bday to yer sis Annie.

Me likey the Happy List a lot. Quite a read!